Tablet Versus iPad – A Comparison of Similarities and Differences

Apple iPad is an outstanding tablet computer which has won many hearts thanks to its innovative touch screen that looks just like a real notebook. The biggest innovation of the iPad is the multi-touch display which allows you to use your finger as a virtual keypad. iPad runs on the Apple iOS software platform using an apple certified iPhone-like device or iPad Software via an app store. This tablet is ideal for browsing, viewing documents and editing images as well as playing games and listening to music. Moreover, iPad provides users with a multi-orientation interface which enables them to perform tasks in landscape, portrait and landscape-orientation modes.

Screen Display

The main feature that sets it far apart from a regular laptop or a desktop PC is its retina full-screen iPad screen which is 10.5 inches in size. The iPad’s screen is smaller than that of an iPhone and just slightly bigger than a MacBook, at approximately 9.7 inches. The screen’s LED backlight is also different from laptops and iPhones as you can view it in bright light and even in low light settings. The iPad runs on the Apple iOS software platform using an apple certified iPhone-like device or iPad Software through an app store. So, we can go ahead with iPads if you’re going to get it for businesses purpose as well as for the events, corporate meetings, conferences and exhibitions to keep the customers engaged towards the displays and to show them a services or other type of stuff as well. iPad rental is also the best option if you’re going to get it in a bulk. These rental thing also keep you strong financially.

Memory Space

Apple iPad has a large memory space along with the enhanced graphics features. iPad apps can run smoothly and flawlessly on the iPad due to the optimized memory space and high-resolution graphics card. The latest version of iPad has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which is capable of connecting to a wireless network and downloading various apps and files. iPad uses the same Apple iOS software platform as the iPhone and iPod Touch. It runs on the Apple iOS software platform using an apple certified iPhone-like device or iPad Software through an app store. This tablet is perfect for using apps written for the iPhone or iPad devices.

Electronic Gadgets

The iPad has revolutionized the way people enjoy reading books and newspapers. You can surf the web, listen to music, watch your favourite movies, take pictures, edit videos and even communicate with your friends and colleagues just like you do in real life. Although there are several other electronic gadgets available in the market, none can match the efficiency of the iPad. iPad is not only a useful tool but also a popular icon with its high-end features and versatility.

In a nutshell, iPad is nothing but a portable version of the standard book. As such it provides the same facilities of reading, writing and editing as the conventional book. It can be used anywhere, anytime and anywhere you wish to use it. However, there are several differences between the iPad and the Kindle e-books. The major difference is in the touch-screen technology and the user interface. Even though both the kinds of e-books have the similar feature set, the touch screen iPad has an edge over the Kindle and most people prefer to read their e-book using this device rather than the Kindle.

The Amazon Kindle Fire and the iPad can be compared as a natural complement. Both these devices are used for a similar purpose – browsing the internet, checking out photos and videos and listening to music. However, the primary difference between these two gadgets is that, whereas the Kindle Fire can be placed almost everywhere including your pocket, the iPad cannot be taken anywhere.


iOS Software

Apple has finally launched the iOS 6, which is the major revamp of the iOS software platform. It is not only the biggest mobile operating system, but also one of the most sought after devices to run various Apple applications. The major difference between the iPad and the iOS devices is the hardware of the iPad. Apple has used the same technology in the iPad as was used in the iPhone to enable internet access from any location with the help of a wireless network. This feature makes the iPad much more appealing as it can be used anywhere in the world and access all types of internet applications at the same time.

At present, there is no serious competition in the field of tablet PCs. The market for the iPad is still very limited, which is attributed to the fact that only a limited number of people use the internet on the regular basis. However, the iPhone has been the runaway success and people cannot stop talking about its amazing features. The other interesting factor is that the iPad has an operating system that is almost similar to that of the iOS. Therefore, it would not be difficult for an individual to transfer his or her data to the iPad.

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