Surgical Dental Atraumatic Kit, Dental Instruments: Surgical Dental Atraumatic Kit

Surgical Dental Atraumatic Kit Use in Dentistry|How Much Important A Well-Designed Surgical Atraumatic Set of Instruments?

The world of surgery is accelerating towards minimally invasive procedures, which consume less procedure time and promote quick postoperative healing, a plus for both surgeons and patients.

Therefore, Atraumatic extraction Kits are now available for surgical tooth extraction procedures, which aid in fast postoperative recovery.

We have introduced Surgical Atraumatic extraction Kits, which include a complete range of forceps and elevators that equip the clinician with the best, most efficient tools for simplest to most complicated extraction procedures.

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Additionally, Our Kit ensures clean surgical procedures that require less postoperative healing time and promotes a comfortable patient experience.

Dentists use dental surgical instruments kit in surgical tooth extraction because these tooth pulling tools cause less injury.  

Kit Has Surgical Tooth Extraction Instruments Which Are Comprised Of:

Anglevators- left and right, with a beak size of 3 mm and an Anglevator with a beak size of 5 mm is in the kit. These are instruments for elevation and Luxation to loosen the tooth out from their sockets.

Anglevators are far better than traditional luxating instruments as they not only luxate, but they elevate the tooth out from the bony socket


These are other instruments in the surgical tooth extraction kit. They are Dental instruments that tear away the PDL fibers from the socket. They also grab the mobile tooth to pull it out.

Furthermore, they grasp the tooth firmly to prevent the mobile tooth from going elsewhere in the mouth. Forceps also sometimes expand the bony socket for extractions.

Let me clear that Bird beak forceps are usually for premolars, and Cow horn forceps are for lower molar teeth. The modified Universal forceps are for use in the right and left quadrants of the mouth. They are versatile and are for use anywhere in the mouth.

Needle Holders and Scissors:

Other Surgical tools available in the Kit include the Olsen Hegar needle holder with TC inserts.

The needle holder guides the needle and suturing material through tissues safely. Tungsten carbide inserts are more robust than stainless steel and have a long instrument life.

The Surgical Iris and Lagrange scissors help in the excision of delicate tissues and cutting the suturing material


A mini dental curette and a double-ended Curette are also in the Kit. Curettes are instruments for scaling and root planning before extractions. Scaling reduces the bacterial load and restores the health of the periodontium. 


Minnesota retractor is a handheld blunt-ended Dental instrument. It retracts the cheeks, lips, and tongue during the surgical procedure. 

Instruments For Alveolar Bone:

The Kit also includes our Bone packer and carrier. A bone packer and carrier is for bone grafting and packing the bone on site. A bone file with the ball is another surgical tool in the Kit. The bone file files away bony spicules and restores the surgical site’s anatomy.

Dressing Forceps:

Adson dressing forceps are in the surgical tooth extraction kit for placing dressing material on site.


These are also known as Angletome- Angled Periotome.  It severs the PDL fibers around the root. 

Periosteal Elevators:

 Periosteal elevators are for use initially to remove the tissue surrounding the tooth.


Surgical instruments such as the Bayonet knives are for circumferential and secondary interproximal incisions during Gingivectomy procedures. 

Mouth Mirror:

Finally, a Mirror handle mounts the mouth mirror, which aids in helping the clinician view all sides of the tooth.

How Are Dental Instruments Sterilized?

Surgical instruments are sterilized in an autoclave. Instruments are soaked in a liquid disinfectant before they go into the autoclave to remove all debris and biological remnants stuck on the tools.

Steam sterilization is usually recommended as the most efficient, cost-effective, and safe method for sterilizing all surgical tools.

Where Can I Buy Dental Instruments?

You can easily buy dental instruments online from our website at very affordable rates. Our Atraumatic kit includes all Dental surgical tools essential for your clinic. All surgical tooth extraction instruments are corrosion resistant.

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