Supplements for Spermatorrhea – jiryan ka ilaj

jiryan (also called “cumarythmia”) is a common condition of excessive, uncontrollable, and involuntary discharge of semen. In ancient Chinese medicine, it is identified as a dysfunction in the reproductive organs, where certain patterns of involuntary, ejaculatory discharge reflect problems with the kidneys. Sperms can also be contaminated with bacteria and other foreign matter that may be harmful to sperm production so it important to do jiryan ka ilaj.

Some men are born with the condition of jiryan ka ilaj. Others develop it during adulthood. Some causes are unknown. However, some possible causes include certain medications, trauma to the reproductive organs, tumors of the reproductive organs, and diseases affecting the nervous system. Sometimes, men with a genetic predisposition for the condition experience problems.

In most cases, spermatorrhea occurs because the primary reproductive organ, the ovary, is overproducing of egg cells. This excess can become too much to handle. The sperm cell may fail to be able to travel to the egg or it will not be able to swim to the egg so do jiryan ka ilaj.

Sperms may then accumulate in the bladder or urethra, causing blockage. There are two common types of spermatorrhea: primary and secondary. Primary spermatorrhea is more likely to be found among teenagers and younger men. Secondary spermatorrhea is more likely to occur among older men and women.

Symptoms of spermatorrhea vary from one man to another. However, some common symptoms include intense itching, burning or stinging sensation during urination, and painful intercourse. In rare cases, some men experience swelling, cramps, and/or bleeding during sexual intercourse. So the important thing is jiryan ka ilaj

A physical exam by your doctor is usually sufficient to diagnose your condition. He may perform tests to rule out any diseases and infections.

There are also many natural medicine for jiryan ka ilaj. Among these, garlic is known to have antiseptic properties, thus, increasing the effectiveness of your medication. Yogurt can also help reduce discomfort and ease the pain you may feel during this time. Vitamin E and zinc supplements are also effective in decreasing spermatozoa.

To prevent the recurrence of this condition, you may choose to practice safe sex for jiryan ka ilaj. and abstain from masturbation to prevent sperm from accumulating in the genital area. Avoid taking steroids and other medications that may affect the kidneys. Alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, and tobacco can also cause problems. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated can also help minimize this problem.

You may also opt to use fertility-friendly lubricants on a regular basis. Moisturizing your genitals regularly will allow sperm to swim smoothly through your urethra and reach the egg.

Some other natural remedies include eating foods rich in folic acid and zinc for jiryan ka ilaj. Folic acid helps prevent fertilization failure and can decrease spermatozoa production. This can help prevent this condition and its related symptoms.

You may also take vitamin C supplements. This supplement helps prevent the oxidation of sperm and spermatozoa. If you take calcium supplements, this helps in the production of red blood cells. It also increases sperm motility.

Taking certain herbs may help decrease spermatozoa and its formation as well. These herbs are commonly known as ‘steroidal’ herbs.

These herbs include ginger, yarrow, licorice, and dandelion root. Others may help boost spermatozoa production and decrease its numbers.

Natural supplements are available for jiryan ka ilaj, but they do not address the causes of this condition. Natural supplements are not without side effects. It is best to check with your doctor first before taking any dietary supplement. It is also important to check with your doctor first if you are undergoing any surgery.

Herbal Medicine will not cure this condition. However, they can alleviate the discomfort, promote sperm motility, and minimize the possibility of its recurrence. Natural supplements will help prevent future spermatorrhea attacks and can help in fertility and menopause.

Natural supplements for jiryan ka ilaj should always be taken according to a physician’s prescription. Your physician will also guide you in choosing the best supplements for you.

If you are currently using fertility-friendly fertility products, it is always best to consult your physician first before taking any natural supplements. Natural supplements are a good option when all other avenues of treatment have been exhausted. Natural supplements can help improve your health and reproductive health.

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