How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

The biggest question is how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Stretch marks during pregnancy are very common and often cannot be avoided, But why do pregnant women draw some of the “round trip”, appearing on their breasts, abdomen, even hips, and over others?

After this condition, another question arises. “Is there life after stretch marks?”

Causes of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are many small scars on the skin – tears from connective tissue. They are formed when the skin is not ready for rapid changes. Rupture of the base of the skin, connective tissue, following the development of other body tissues.

For example, the growth of the mammary glands occurs more rapidly during pregnancy, not after birth with the appearance of milk, but during the first months of pregnancy. In some women, with the onset of pregnancy, the breasts increase significantly. A pregnant woman experiences severe chest pain, and a new bra sometimes requires two measures at a time. The mammary glands develop intensely from the inside and the skin does not have time to adapt to these changes. It’s time to prevent stretch marks!

Stretch marks may appear on the abdomen and hips at the end of pregnancy, when the fetus grows and needs more space. The stomach grows rapidly and the skin tissue does not have time to get used to it, stretch marks have already appeared in the stomach. If the mother does not control the weight gain and returns it seriously, stretch marks can be added to the hips.

How can you help your skin during pregnancy?

Connective tissue is destroyed due to lack of elastin (elastin is a protein that is very elastic in connective tissue and allows many body tissues to regain their shape after stretching or contracting) and collagen. They form on the skin slightly due to malnutrition or related factors: the environment, stress conditions that interfere with food absorption, unhealthy lifestyles before and during pregnancy. Genetic factors are also important. If your mother has no stretch marks during pregnancy – congratulations, you also have a good chance of getting a haircut! Some lucky people who have good offspring, gain weight during pregnancy and good connective tissue can’t do anything, and don’t even know what stretch marks are.
For the rest, it’s good to think in detail about preventing the first months of pregnancy. After all, stretch marks are the case when it’s easier to get rid of that warning later.

Prevention of the formation of stretch marks can be divided into external and internal preparations of the body.

Prepare yourself

Focus on nutrition! For the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the body needs many nutrients – trace elements and vitamins. These are vitamins C, A, D, E, as well as copper, zinc, iron and sulfur. It is advisable to make sure that they are taken with the help of various diets and safe supplements recommended by pregnant women. Collagen, like any other type of protein, is synthesized in the human body from the amino acids that come with protein foods. Therefore, it is important to saturate the diet with whole vegetable and vegetable proteins. A balanced diet for pregnant women includes white meat, blue fish, nuts, legumes and legumes.

Prevention should not start after the third month of pregnancy. Because all hormonal changes in the body begin in the first months of pregnancy. In the second trimester, the body feels these processes as usual, and only a rapid increase in weight can cause symptoms of attraction.
A good medicine to massage stretch marks with water jet. We draw a heavy rain on the skin of the breast and abdomen. Stimulates blood circulation and skin nutrition. Adjust the water pressure so you can massage. After bathing, you can massage a bath towel, another good tool that stimulates the feeding of problem areas from the inside.

If the stretch marks also appeared.

Bugs are almost impossible to remove. You can reduce the softness, speed up the healing process and prevent the spread of inflammation in the skin. Do this by using the same techniques used to prevent side effects.These are all kinds of oils and creams for scabies. Anything that gives a moisturizing effect to the skin – helps. Everything that dries the skin – has a role in creating new stretch marks.

Keep the forehead during pregnancy

General defense

Jewelry is better protected from thinness. But doctors do not advise them to suffer. It is recommended to be used in some difficult situations during pregnancy, for example,Like many pregnancies, when the abdomen grows very quickly, in this case, birth dressings will help the skin to lose weight. But even muscles are not always worn to promote abdominal growth. If you wear a bandage continuously, the abdominal muscles become weak and not ready to give birth. In this case, the tracks are still visible. Pregnancy is the best remedy for pregnant women. The elastic tissue at the top of the abdomen removes excessive pressure on the skin, allowing the muscles to function. Sensitive skin skin is no less irritant than clothing. Try it!

Physical activity

Morning walks, light gymnastics, yoga, or personal aerobics are a must for pregnant women. Exercise improves blood flow, which affects the physical condition of the skin. For night sleep if you are not feeling good while sleeping time you can use the pregnancy pillows. But how you know which pillow is best for your comfort? Here, we are sharing some of the best pregnancy pillow reviews and you just need to read them and take the best pillow according to your sleeping position.

Proper nutrition

Foods rich in calcium, vitamin A and E must be enriched. Add coconut, red fish, fruits, vegetables and natural vegetable oil. Discard sugar, salt, drinks and flour.

Water treatment and self-massage

There is nothing to calm the skin like a contrast shower. Improves blood circulation, cells get more nutrients, and do not form scars. This is allowed only after consulting your doctor.
A similar effect can be achieved through massage areas that make up the lines. Circular motion, clamp, press. This treatment should also be coordinated with the doctor.


Make skin color with cream or tightening joints and fur to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy and increase scars.

Trauma accidents in the forest are not difficult, but most are difficult to deal with later. Guide a healthy lifestyle, eat well, monitor your skin, and show no signs of rebellion.

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