Stover & Company Is a Gem among Bakery Food Distributors

Your knee jerk reaction to bakery food distributors, if you have one at all, is likely that any given one of them is hardly distinguishable from the rest. In a commodity market, that is all too often the case. Most distributors and wholesalers are not remarkably distinguishable from each other and are defined more by the brands they sell or by their prices than they are by their own history or operations.

On the one hand, while this works to the potential detriment of the supplier itself, it works to the advantage of the buyer by keeping value in their camp as opposed to in the seller’s camp. Admittedly, that is necessary for a retail operation to make a profit, but here’s a little bit of good news. There is a bakery distributor out there that is noteworthy for its service and is recognizable for the quality of its products.

However, far from being distinguishable in order to capture value for themselves, they are distinguishable because they pass that value along to their customers in the form of great products at great prices and careful attention to the service of your account.

As you could and should expect, Stover & Company sells a respectable portfolio of products that are critical to its customers’ successful operations of their bakery ventures. Whether you are in the habit of baking, confectionery, or even of packaging and selling baked goods, they have just about everything you could need insomuch as it respects bakery products.

This goes further than quality and brand because there is just so much in their inventory, but it would be a waste of our time as well as of yours for us to list it. Simply suffice it to say that they provide almost anything a bakery could be in the habit of using. Whether you need frozen nuts, ready-made pastry and pie filling, or something as simple as cake flour, you can get it there.

Naturally, that’s the smallest of several factors that make a bakery food distributor noteworthy. If such a distributor cannot even keep its customers supplied with these necessary raw ingredients, then it is not worth much good.

Stover & Company, on the other hand, has not only the packaging essentials that bakeries need but also one of the largest collections of brands in the industry. In addition to a noteworthy selection of essentials, they also provide these essentials at excellent prices that will leave you wondering how they can do it.

On that note, the real factor that makes Stover & Company noteworthy for its operations is its endearing and uncompromising level of service. To Stover’s team, its customers are not just account numbers and sets of information. They are people, like you who are reading this – people with a history and a unique set of skills in baking or confectionery. It is you and your experience that make your endeavors possible, and they understand that there is more to a cake than flour, sugar, and eggs. There is a person behind the making.

That’s why you can rely on Stover & Company to provide you with an incomparable level of customer service. If you need to negotiate a better pricing scheme, a replenishment schedule or some sort, or you just need to lean on their experience for tips and tricks, it won’t take you long to figure out that helpful people constitute the real difference behind the works at Stover & Company.

You can always simply shop their website,, but if you want to get in touch with their customer service team and see what makes the difference, give them a call at 724-274-6314.

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