No MINIMUM DEPOSIT: Trading is essential for every investor, either it is in stocks or other financial securities. The circle of buying and selling in a financial market brings different outcomes. There are mainly two types of securities traded in a financial market i.e., equity securities and debt securities. It is the choice of the investor or trader in which security he wants to trade.

About stock trading

Stock trading is all about buying and selling of equity securities. Share or stocks are the ownerships in some companies. A stock trader or investor in a financial market does trading on behalf of financial companies or individual traders. The stocks traded may be of long term and short term. The purpose of trading in stocks is to get long run or short-run gains. However, the goal of trading may be different for different investors. 

Deposits for stock trading apps

Every trader either trading online or offline has to deposit a certain amount in the name of the initial deposit. There are some of the stock trading apps which require heavy initial depositors before started trading properly and some are ฝากไม่มีขั้นต่ำ. Some of the traders consider it essential to submit heavy initial deposits for high returns. But a few beginner investors due to lack of funds, hesitate to deposit high initial amounts. That’s why many of them look forward to some stock trading apps that require minimum initial deposits.

Benefits of using stock trading apps

Every beginner investor tries to find out some stock trading apps with the minimum initial deposit. Therefore, Trading through stock trading applications online is becoming popular day by day. Moreover, there are countless benefits to investing in stock trading apps than investing in trading offline. A few of the benefits of using stock trading apps listed below:

  • More control and flexibility
  • Professional full-time support
  • Lower fees
  • Enables to avoid brokerage bias
  • Have an option to monitor investments in real times
  • Transparent and regulated framework
  • Opportunity to invest in the markets around the world
  • Provide online access to tools
  • Safe and secure trading
  • Eliminates the role of middle man
  • Research reports
  • Faster transactions than before
  • Historical charts and analytics
  • Diversification of funds
  • Investment in smaller amounts
  • Live market data and portfolio
  • Live related news

The list of these amazing benefits is enough to guide some of the beginner investors. A beginner investor must invest in stock trading apps because these are highly secure and safe than trading offline.

Stock trading apps with no minimum deposits

Beginner investor mostly has minimum amounts to submit as an initial deposit to their stock trading apps. That’s why they keep on searching stock trading mobile apps that require least or minimum amounts to deposit. A few of the best stock trading apps with zero or minimum initial deposits briefed below:

  • TD Ameritrade

This is the top stock trading app due to its stunning features in excellent pricing. It does not require any deposit. It does not charge any fees, only works with $0 commission for online stock. In addition to stocks, it also trades in ETF and options trades. It provides support for a wide range of assets and account types. It does have extensive research sources.

  • Fidlity

It is the top brokerage for all beginner investors. On the other hand, Fidlity requires no minimum deposits. It also works with $0 commission fees on the stock. It trades in ETFs, Mutual funds, and fractional sharing investments. Its all investment and trading features meet the exact needs of the traders. Although, It provides great support for a wide range of account types. It provides extensive research and education sources. 

  • SoFi

It abbreviated from Social finance. This app offers loans, banking, and investment via an easy and user-friendly mobile application. It is an ideal app for investors who are looking for stock trading. SoFi requires a minimum of $1 for deposit. It does not charge fees for online stocks. Its tradable assets include; stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and fractional shares.


At the end, The essence of the above discussion is that stock trading is the way of making money via investment. It’s all about buying and selling of stocks and different financial long- and short-term securities. Beginners and other investors need stock trading apps that require minimum initial deposits.

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