State of Tourism in Australia – Before and After the Corona virus Outbreak!

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the coronavirus outbreak of 2020 has changed life as we know it. From not being able to leave the premises of our houses in many parts of the world to the way we head out, many things everyday chores have changed quite a bit.

Australia is one of the most visited and tourism friendly countries of the world. With some of the best un-altered wildlife and jungle safaris, also buzzing big city vibes, Australia has something for everyone. Categorically, tourism in the country is also one of the worst hit industries.

State of tourism in Australia is far worse today than any recent times. Other linked services including currency exchange in Melbourne and all other cities of the country are suffering great too. Have a read below to find out what tourism looks like and what future prospects are for it in Australia:

Tourism Industry Has Been Literally Paused for a While Now

Tourism across the world has literally been suspended or paused for the last few months. Australia following suit, also shut down its tourism industry both for international enthusiasts and locals as well. Since March, there has been very little to nothing going on in the industry at all.

International flights had been canceled during the past few months eliminating any chance of foreign tourism. Locals were strongly discouraged as well to travel anywhere at all. However, things are moving in the right direction for Australia right now.

With the Covid-19 outbreak well in control at least in Australia, things are looking good for the country. What SOPs come in place for international and local tourists, remains to be seen however. Whatever the case may be, as long as things open up, it will be good for many.

Local Tourism Is Picking Up

Since the Covid-19 spread has now been minimized and is under control now in Australia, local tourism is picking up. It is easy to understand why that is as well. People are tied up and unable to travel abroad. Many adventure seekers are now turning to Australian locations instead of heading out of the country.

This is all well and good for the tourism industry and the country’s growing economy as well. Popular tourism cities including Melbourne, Brisbane and many other remote locations including lakes and jungle sites are seeing increased number of local tourists across their planes.

With major local tourism activity expected to come soon, things are looking good for the industry. However, everyone needs to ensure that all protocols are followed at all times. Whatever we need to do to minimize the spread, must be done at all times.

International Tourism for Australia Is Expected to Pick Up Soon

Currently, international tourism is next to nothing across the world. Australia is no different in this regard. Linked industries including currency exchange are suffering the same fate. This is why you might not see many money exchange in Melbourne service providers open even after lockdowns are lifted.

However, for the future prospect, things may not be looking that bad at all. With many countries of the world getting a grip on Covid-19 spread, international travels are expected to ease out. If we are to judge by trends, when this virus threat goes, tourism will shoot higher than ever before.

One major reason for this expected up-rise in tourism after the virus threat is travel deprivation for people. More and more people are forced to stay in and most of them will want to head out when they can. Its just a case of when rather than if for the industry.

Currency Exchange in Australia

One industry or service that is highly dependent on tourism is currency exchange across the world. Currency exchange in Perth or any other city of Australia is suffering the same fate as tourism today. Unfortunately, as no one is traveling between countries, very little or no transactions are in exchange.

However, students and overseas residents are still using currency exchangers to send or receive money to or from loved ones. With tourism expected to rise prodigiously soon after the virus threat is over, currency exchange will too.

Many currency exchange in Brisbane and all other cities of Australia are expecting good times soon. However, it all depends on how quickly the Covid-19 situation is over. Fingers crossed for sooner rather than later for everyone’s sake.

There Will Be Protocols in Place for a While

Even if tourism is opened again and it comes back to normal, there will still be protocols in place. To what extent do these protocols have an effect on the industry, still remains to be seen. Number of people or travelers allowed to visit any certain part of the world at one time, will be minimized.

This is of course the very least of the applicable protocols that will be in place. Airlines, hotels, transport and every other linked service will have to adopt many different forms of protocols. Coronavirus now looks to be set on becoming part of our lives.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already stated that we will have to live our lives with the virus. We as a species are well aware of what it is like to live with different viruses too. Many flue and influenza viruses that are just as contagious have been among of for as long as we know.

What You Need to Keep in Mind!

What can be said for sure at this point in time is that everyone will need to follow safety protocols. There might be no other way around it. Even if we do get a vaccine for it, there is no telling for how long its effects might last. How long governments take to treat everyone is another concern as well.

As a common person in Australia or in any other part of the world for that matter, it is important to follow all safety protocols. We must try and make these safety protocols like wearing a mask and washing our hands part of our lives.

There is also no guarantee right now that people infected once are protected for any amount of time. We will know more about this new virus as more time passes and more research is done on it. For now, everyone needs to keep safe as much as possible and adopt safety protocols in our everyday lives.

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