Spotting The Difference Between Bitcoin And Ripple

Bitcoin has always been the dominating cryptocurrency ranking above its rival coins or altcoins. This is the reason why people have become regular visitors to the Cryptoknowmics website. They search for various topics like how to buy Bitcoin anonymously etc. But if you think Bitcoin is the only best digital currency, then you need to rethink it. Some altcoins fare better than the latter crypto coin. Ripple is one such example. This altcoin bags fourth position among other alternate coins and is regarded as one of the best altcoins. There are frequently asked questions about the difference between the Ripple and XRP. Well, let me clear it to you. Ripple is a network founded by the company with the same name and XRP is its cryptocurrency. But my focus is not centralized on this topic, But to clear you about how Bitcoin and Ripple are distinctive to each other.

Difference Between Bitcoin And Ripple

Now, to know the difference between the Bitcoin and Ripple, let us begin with the former digital currency. After that, I will come to the Ripple. But before that, I would suggest you stay abreast of the crypto calendar on the Cryptoknowmics website, as you will get all the updates about any digital currencies, including BTC and XRP.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that functions upon the digital ledger technology called the blockchain. This technique is the underlying factor behind the cryptocurrency which is meant to pay for anything you buy. Like Ripple is represented by XRP, Bitcoin is also represented by BTC.

The operation of Bitcoin depends upon blockchain. It is the technology that keeps the record of every transaction done. The verification of all the transactions is done by the miners daily. The transactions are then added to the blockchain of Bitcoin by them. Rewards are also given to the miners for performing the specific task related to transactions.


After getting a brief knowledge of the Bitcoin and about its working, let me take you to another segment so that you know the difference between Bitcoin and Ripple. The latter alternate currency is better known as a network for doing payment digitally. Moreover, it also functions as a remittance procedure.

This is the brief difference between the Bitcoin and Ripple. To know more in detail, you need to know some factors that would define the distinction between the two.

Checking Transaction

Ripple, in comparison to Bitcoin, does not find it necessary to utilize the concept of blockchain mining. Rather, to check the transactions, it follows a special technique of distributed consensus. This leads to immediate verifications with no need to depend on any central authority. This is how Ripple remains to be decentralized and is much speedier and bankable in comparison to its competitor crypto coins.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is more energy generator because of the technique of mining activity. This is not the case with Ripple, as it does not adhere to any technique of mining. This is the best example to spot the difference between Bitcoin and Ripple.

Costing And Timing

The other two ways to point out the difference between Bitcoin and Ripple is the costing and timing. Bitcoin no matter is a successful digital currency, but somewhere it lacks in confirming the transactions very lately. Also, the price of the transaction is very high here. Compared to Bitcoin, confirmation of Ripple cryptocurrency transactions is a matter of just a few seconds. The transaction costs are also very minimum.

Mining Activity

Mining and PoW are the two most major techniques used by Bitcoin for introducing newbie tokens of BTC. All this falls under the validity procedure. But when it comes to Ripple cryptocurrency tokens, the mining is done before. This shows the process of mining difference between the Bitcoin and Ripple.

Popularity In Payment Mode

Bitcoin, no doubt has been popular for its utility by many people and firms, but most of the banks find Ripple to be the best payment mode. Well, the reason is it is faster in the transaction process in comparison to Bitcoin.

Altcoins Are Indeed Competitive To Bitcoin

By knowing the difference between Bitcoin and Ripple, it must have made you understand that altcoins are indeed competitive to Bitcoin. So don’t be confined to the latter cryptocurrency fame, when there are altcoins like Ripple superseding the latter crypto coin in transaction speed and also with lower fees.


By analyzing the difference between Bitcoin and Ripple, you will know that XRP is much better than BTC in terms of transaction speed and confirmation time. Bitcoin, no matter is a top-notch digital currency, but it has its downsides like taking much time in confirmation of the transaction process and having the higher fees. Contrary to it, Ripple facilitates its users with lower fees and is much faster in checking the transactions in seconds. Other than Ripple, you might find more other altcoins faring better to Bitcoin if you follow the Cryptoknowmics website. Here you can know about anything like how to restart clash of clans etc.

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