Spoil Yourself, Sit and Enjoy Green Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to the platform of certified cleaners. My name is Michael and I believe in quality and professional work. Being the owner of this company my client’s satisfaction is my priority. It’s been a while since I made my name in the market. Apart from carpet cleaning, Michael Green clean also offers Green Carpet cleaning in FriscoPlano, Richardson, Highland Park, Mckinney and Carrollton.

Clean the clutter

Michael green cleaners offer you a bundle of services under one roof. Whether it’s carpet, rug or floor cleaning we have experts to deal with it. The stains and dirt come up with a stronger grip and so are we to lose its grip. We aim at clean-up that lasts longer because our team doesn’t leave any soap residue or chemicals to mess with the quality of floors and carpets. Choose us and get rid of dirt and grout.

Residential and Commercial Carpet cleaning

Michaels green clean is the right spot to clean your carpets. We believe in a healthy and auspicious environment. We come up intending to clean your old carpets before you need a new one. We offer our services to both residential and commercial areas. The procedure takes place in three major steps of vacuuming, loosening of debris and flushing out all the dirt through pressure and heat of the water. We will rinse off all your worries related to your carpets along with the stuck dirt, grout and debris. Our team maps out all the possibilities to the probable cause of damage to your furniture. Your furniture’s care is our priority.

Rubber Floors

One of the expensive yet viable installations  is rubber floors. The useful and trendy aspect of rubber floors is admirable but its maintenance and clean-up require delicacy. Michaels green clean understands the delicacy and flimsiness of the process. We prefer steam cleaning for the rubber floors because it easily disinfects them and flourishes them with the new and appealing effect. The residential rubber floors require relatively less steam mopping than the commercial one.

Limestone Floors and grout

It is easy to embellish home with the fancy floors but not easy to maintain it. Michaels green cleaners are the best option that offers you the reasonable and professional maintenance of limestone floors. Our competent team concerns for the right amount of Ph in the solution so that it will not harm your floors and clean the grout. The efficient scrubbers will also neatly stick out the debris and unnecessary dust from your floor and they will shine like a new one. We make sure to avoid any type of mishandling and misapplication of chemicals on the floors.

Oriental rugs

Looking for the best Oriental rug cleaners ? The clean-up of the rugs requires dynamic and appropriate handling. Oriental rugs are made of solid and heavy material and require professional handling. Vacuum and scrubs are not enough sometimes to deal with dirt and dust of the oriental rugs. Apart from carpet give us a chance to clean your rugs.

Dry Carpet

Is your carpet stinking? We certainly understand the professional way of dealing with your carpets. Not every carpet, every time requires a wash. Sometimes dry cleaning is the best way to opt-out of the lavish new effect of your carpet. The decision is done based on the material and scheduled washing. We do dry carpet clean up through our efficient vacuums. Vacuuming not only cleans the dirt but also makes your carpets more appealing and ready to go. So give us a chance and our work will do the rest for you!

Green carpets

Worried about your carpet?  Not anymore!  Michael’s green cleaners are available for your help. We have experts with enough knowledge to tackle the dirt and stains off your green carpet. Whether it’s the foul odor or hard dirt we always come up with a package of the whole cleaning. Do not let down the ambience of your home by choosing the wrong way of handling your carpets.

Laminate Floors

Everyone strives to get the best for the home and office. Avail the laminate floor cleaning service in Highland park and other areas of Texas. The cleanliness of laminated floors and grout is always a complicated yet delicate procedure. It requires a suitable and appropriate application of chemicals that might either harm the coating of the floor or scratch away the smoothness. Michaels green clean is exactly what you need for the handling of your laminated floors. We pour the right amount of chemicals for the cleaning. Call now. We are just a call away for our services; feel free to contact us for any query and appointments.

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