5 Ways to Make Recruitment Process Congenial

In an organization, recruitment and selection are important processes that help in the optimum working of the company. Recruitment and selection involve several steps. As the job opportunities in the corporate and non-corporate areas have increased, so has the number of candidates.

Due to enhancement and outreach in education, there is enormous competition among the candidates for a job opening in an organization. In a country like India where the average age of the population is below 30, the number of candidates for job positions is increasing tremendously. 

Human resource management or HRM is the people management department in a firm. HRM deals with the human inflow of human capital. HRM is responsible for the recruitment of employees in an organization. From the publication of an advertisement to the selection of candidates, the role of HRM is fundamental.

And organisations are unable to recruit all candidates even if many of them are talented. Organizations have human resource (HR) departments to deal with the recruitment process. They have been trained in behavioural psychology and they should try to be cordial with candidates as much as possible.


  1. HONEST AND TRANSPARENT: The complete process of recruitment should be transparent and information provided to the candidates should be true. Candidates apply to the organization keeping in mind, goodwill and reputation of a company. If a company is not honest in providing terms to the prospective employees then it can affect the company’s perception in mind of people negatively.
  1. RAPPORT AND COMMUNICATION: When the company starts communicating with the candidates, there should be proper channels of communication, if the person needs to access some information regarding job profile, it should be swiftly provided.
  1. NO ROOM FOR CONFUSION: The human resource department can ask the candidates to read the terms of job opening and then apply. The required job skills and responsibilities should be clearly mentioned.
  1. MAKE THE CANDIDATE WELCOME: There can be an enormous number of candidates that apply for a job, and all cannot be selected. The HR department should ensure that no candidate is unfairly treated and is made welcome. The language of communication should be simple and clear. If in a telephonic interview, the person has not got the required skills, the recruiter should not drop the phone on the person’s face. They should politely decline the person.
  1. TRY TO EMPATHISE: As the job markets are facing a crunch due to economic slowdown, many candidates are rendered jobless. And the employers should empathise with the situation and not be rude to anyone.

Recruitment is an essential process inflow of talent in the organization. HRM plays an essential role in the recruitment and selection of employees in an organization. HR department makes sure that there are proper communication channels present at levels of employee selection in a firm. And, HRM ensures that the candidates are made comfortable and welcome even if the company is unable to select the person at present.

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