Some Popular Models from VFC Avalon

VFC Avalon produces some of the most reliable, durable, and accurate models of airsoft guns available today. If you’re looking for an AEG to serve as your primary airsoft gun during a match, then you might want to consider some of these models from VFC Avalon.

VFC Avalon Saber Carbine VR16
This AEG is built to perform, and it has the features and construction to prove it. Unlike many other models of rifle that lean on polymer construction, this airsoft AEG features full metal receiver construction as well as a metal barrel and M Lok Handguard with an aluminum rail along the top – with 4 inches of quad rail near the muzzle, perfect for mounting lights or laser sights.

This AEG rifle comes with a VFC QRS crane stock, M16A2 sights, a steel sling adapter, a QRS finger rest, and a crisp EF blade trigger. In addition, this airsoft gun features a Version 2 full metal fully upgradable gearbox and an adjustable hop-up system.

That comes together in the form of a high-quality airsoft gun that can hang with some rough courses and deliver reliable, rapid-fire that is unbelievably accurate. In fact, if there is one thing a VFC Avalon airsoft carbine is known for, it’s probably accuracy. These are the tack drivers of the airsoft world.

VFC Avalon VR16 A5 Calibur Carbine
This is another model from VFC Avalon that is worth its salt. This airsoft rifle is also built to some of the specs of the M16/A2, but it features a 290mm barrel and a KeyMod Handguard. Like the Saber, the VR16 Calibur features all-metal construction and comes with a collapsible, adjustable crane stock, full metal gearbox, and much more.

This model also comes with a 120 round magazine but accepts some other models so you can experiment with it to find the capacity you really need. It is capable of reaching muzzle velocities of up to 400 FPS, has three fire modes (safe, semi and fully automatic) and has an adjustable hop-up system so you can tune your shots to reach out over longer distances. Like the Saber, this AEG is particularly remarkable for its accuracy – which needs no explanation of importance.

VFC Avalon MK18 Carbine
This is another full metal airsoft AEG that features construction from premium parts for excellent performance, reliability, and of course, for accuracy. Standard M4 accessories and mags are compatible with this airsoft rifle, and though it comes with flip-up sights it offers plenty of rail space above the receiver and an adequate section of quad rail for mounting optics, lights, and other accessories.

Like the other models on this list, it features a collapsible, adjustable stock, three modes of fire, and a remarkably crisp trigger. Unsurprisingly, like the other models on this list, it is also amazingly accurate. It wouldn’t be remarkable to shoot tight groups out of the box with this AEG.

VFC Avalon 416A5
This VFC Avalon comes with a heavy, high-quality metal receiver and handguard and comes with a pistol grip and an adjustable stock. It is an ideal platform for situations where you need a quick response and a high rate of fire in a reliable AEG.

Considering reliability, it has a full metal VFC gearbox with improved bearings and powered by high torque neodymium magnet motors. The magazine it comes with holds 320 rounds but it is compatible with other magazines designed for M4 and M16 airsoft rifles. Overall, it offers a lot of customizability and a ton of reliability in an AEG. If you need a rifle that can fit a bunch of roles, you can’t go wrong with this one.

VFC Avalon MP5 A4
This is a simple, no-frills AEG that, while streamlined, offers a ton of performance. It is made from a high strength polymer, lighter than some metals but still remarkably tough, and comes with a full metal gearbox. It has fixed sights and a fixed stock – not adjustable, but there are fewer things to mess around with on this airsoft rifle, so you can pick one up and you’d be ready to roll. While it has fewer features than some of the other models on this list, it is designed to fill the role of a no-nonsense tough as nails AEG, and it does that perfectly.

If you’re looking for a great option in an AEG carbine with full metal construction and an all-metal gearbox that offers superb accuracy, be sure to check out these models at You’ll find these and other great choices from VFC Avalon on their site, along with plenty of other airsoft guns and accessories. Check out their website today.

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