Some of the Vocabulary Building Activities One Must Know About

Some of the Vocabulary Building Activities One Must Know About

Vocabulary is an essential part of English. It allows us to use different words and make conversations exciting and engaging. Unfortunately, students who don’t have an English speaking partner or a trainer often find it challenging to remain a useful vocabulary unless they adapt to building vocabulary regularly. However, there are numerous vocabulary building activities that one must and can help resolve such situations. Some of them include the following:

Incidental Learning

One of the best methods to build a vocabulary is through incidental. It involves listening to English radio, podcasts, stories, watching English television, series, shows, movies, and conversing with others. These practices can also become a part of your class as the trainer can show a video and ask you to inform him/her about the words you couldn’t understand. 

After that, the trainer would guide you on their meanings and the apt usage of the words in other sentences. Moreover, incidental learning would make you curious about words you hear for the first time and explore their meaning and English language usage. Doing so would help to build up your vocabulary in no time. You can also ask the definition of a word while conversing with someone or explore through the dictionary or the internet after the talk ends.


Another more straightforward method to create a useful vocabulary is through narration. Ordinarily, narration involves speaking text already known to a person. However, trainers can give their students a few words, explain their meanings, and optimum usage in the language. After that, the English speaking partner can ask the learner to narrate a story, incident, situation, etc.based on imagination, or real-life. 

Word Contest

A spoken English trainer could indulge students in word contest that involves preparing a list of words based on a root or prefix. For example, using “pre” as the prefix, the student could write down words like a present, president, presentable, presentation, preempted, etc. within a given time. 

Optionally, if the trainer has many students in the class, he/she could make a group and ask teams to build the most words in a given time. The team, with the most words wins the competition. This competitive exercise could help students to learn new words and their optimum language usage. 

Previewing Context

Before beginning, this activity asks the student to highlight these words in a given paragraph, page, article, or story. After that, ask the candidate to read it and explain the meaning of the word and correct him/her if they couldn’t get the right sense. Such explanatory exercise could help the student build vocabulary, read more academic content, and exercise the same activity alone. 

During a group session, the trainer could ask different candidates to explain the meaning of the word before explaining its meaning and language usage. Additionally, the online English speaking course in India could ask the student(s) to write down the meaning of the sentence and discuss its meaning by the end of the class.