Some of the Innovative TVs at Very Affordable Prices

Over the years, televisions have become smarter, more versatile, and a lot cheaper. A TV with a whole host of useful innovative features can be purchased without breaking the bank. If you are on a tight budget and are looking for the best TV under 20,000 INR that will keep you entertained for a long time to come, we propose some amazing options below.

What Are My Options?

Perhaps you want to upgrade to 4K, or maybe you’re looking for a second TV for your living room. Whatever your reasons may be, there are a variety of great deals that you should know about before buying. So what are your options? Surprisingly, there are quite a few. Big sizes (yes, on a budget), sharp and colorful picture quality, cost-effective offers, and lest we forget, innovations galore; you are really spoilt for choice.

What is the Budget?

32 inch smart TVs were once priced upwards of 30,000 INR. Today, the 30K mark is considered the “high-end”; you have a lot more options at a fraction of the cost. The larger a TV gets, the higher the price-tag. If you are on a strict budget, you can consider stepping down one or two sizes till you find a TV model that has all the features you are looking for and fits your wallet. Some feature-packed 27-inch TVs are available for less than 10,000 INR, and are ideal for small rooms, basements, and other tight spaces.   

Let’s look at some TVs that might fit your requirement for innovative features and won’t make a hole in your wallet.

# 1 Mi 4A Pro

Because of its innovative features and the surprisingly stunning price tag, the Mi 4A Pro is, without a doubt, the favourite budget TV on this list. The 32-inch smart TV is currently on sale online for 13,499 INR (it was 12,499 INR, but the price just went up). Considering the innovative features, you get a lot for your money.

Built-in Wi-Fi, PatchWall 3.0 UI, Netflix, Prime Video,  Disney + Hotstar and other in-built apps; these are just some of the awesome features you get with the TV. Additionally, the TV runs on Android v.9.0 OS, which now comes with Google Assistant. This means you just say the words, “Okay Google” and connect with all your favourite shows and movies.

# 2 Samsung Series 4 32-inch Smart TV

If you thought that big brands like Samsung were out of your budget, well think again. The Samsung Series 4 comes with a unique set of innovative features and is available online at a great value of 15,900 INR. By far, the most innovative feature about the TV is the SmartThings app.

This app lets you connect and control multiple smart devices from one place. The TV also gets Netflix and Prime Video for all your viewing pleasure. What’s more, you get Samsung’s reliable after-sales support and, if needed, can request for sanitized installation service by an authorized Samsung engineer. At this price, you couldn’t ask for more.

# 3 Sony Bravia KLV-32 LED TV

If watching high-quality video is of utmost importance, the Sony Bravia KLV-32 features Sony’s proprietary X-Reality™ PRO upscaling for a truly lifelike viewing experience. You also get a 30-watt built-in subwoofer producing high-quality audio with deep bass. Sony is so confident about the manufacturing quality of its TVs that it provides the X-Protection Pro feature, which is meant to enhance protection from humidity, surge, lightning, and dust — a must-have feature for TVs used in Indian conditions.

In total, this TV comes with 4 types of protections that enhance longevity and product durability. This special focus on the needs of Indian consumer makes this TV a great budget offering. What’s more, you get features found on high-end TVs like HDR, ClearAudio+, USB Tethering, and lest we forget, a direct YouTube button.

# 4 TCL 32P30S LED TV

The TCL 32P30S is possibly the best TV in the market today. It also manages to be the highest-rated TV on Amazon, which is saying a lot. Like its counterparts, this television has a number of features that make it great for viewing pleasure. However, the unique selling point of this TV is the price. At 11,999 INR, the TCL 32P30S provides buyers the best combination of a quality product and an affordable price tag.

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