Some Challenges Faced By College Students in Essay Writing

Students do dream of a beautiful and fun life at college but the truth is far from reality. Students often complain that they find it hard to catch a break with all the classes, assignments, and practical work around. The most common college assignment is essay writing which students must take seriously because they are graded and add up to determine the final score. 

There are certain challenges that students face when they write essays and today we are going to address them one by one along with solutions. But before we do, we just want to point out that you can get help with essay writing work from professionals like us if you lack time or skills. 

Let’s begin, shall we?

Time management

One of the major crises in a student’s life is lack of time. But this can be managed by following a stringent routine. You can either download a few cool apps that can remind you and keep you in the loop for your efficiency. For more essay or college paper help, make an outline of your topic, and assign a timeline to each section to know the overall time you need to finish one assignment.

Finding the right tone and audience

If it’s your first time writing you may find it difficult to find the right tone to address your audience. You don’t want to be too friendly or over professional. We believe every writer has its tone and personality. Again for the audience, you must ask yourself a few questions to know what the audience would be interested to read your work.

Failing to start or begin

This is very common among students where they have no clue how to start with the writing process. This is where we suggest students read the work of other authors.

Doubting themselves for quality work

Students sometimes lack confidence and believe that they are not good enough to write a quality essay. The only way to resolve it is to give it a try and request feedback from close friends or your professor.


Students are often surrounded by distraction and never-ending college assignments. This refrains them from working on important academic documents that can decide their grades. We have listed some of the most common challenges above and how a student must work towards the issue to resolve it. Hope you will find the information helpful.

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