Social Media Optimization v/s Social Media Marketing

I doubt that you have heard these words before like I had not even heard about the word SEO before but once I started reading and learning about it than I couldn’t stop myself from my hunger to learn about every other digital marketing type. SMO & SMM are two of them. Let know more about these digital marketing types in detail.


SMO is done for the optimization of your social media profiles more visible and more familiar to the people. It depends on the activity and the quality of your content that is published on your social media profiles (Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) that people often search and it matches your content. This is a time-consuming process and requires proper social media optimization techniques & it is very important for your business, sales, and brand’s popularity. This also helps in making a strong online reputation and presence with the aim of brand awareness among the targeted and new customers.

Just like the best SEO, SMO also increases the brand’s visibility so that search engines and people can find it through the relevant keywords and searches. This also works with the ranking process and the more relevant & unique content, the more searches it will get. In recent years, Social Media Optimization has become much complex and it takes much time to rank among the top.


Social Media Marketing is done using social media platforms for the marketing of your products and services. SMM is also a digital marketing type that works through different Ads and Campaigns. Social Media Marketing has become one of the best digital marketing types because of the usage and craze of social media platforms among the people of every age from young to the old generation. Since the invention of Facebook, this department of digital marketing has only gone up with other social media platforms joining the party and providing us (people) with almost every feature we needed OR wanted. Many features were added to make these platforms more user friendly and some to attract. Social media marketing has been doing wonders for small and large businesses by making the brand reach a great amount of audience with a very little investment through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and many other Different Campaigns.

Online shopping has recorded a hike since the start of Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan or every other country. Now, even people with no physical stores are earning a handsome amount of money by selling things online just by using social media marketing by putting Ads on Facebook and Instagram. So, you can think about the revenue big or multinational companies are generating using different digital marketing techniques and with the power of the Internet, this is beyond our imagination.

So, if you are thinking to start any business, don’t wait for a bigger opportunity just start with less investment and make it big with a short span of time with the power of Social Media.

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