Smart Glasses: What Are They And What Do They Do?

Smart Glasses: What Are They And What Do They Do?

The use of having these smart glasses in your home can save your money for air-conditioning, heating and lighting in which you can also avoid the cost of installing and maintaining the motorized curtains, blinds or light screens. This smart glass technology can be used for windows, doors, partitions and dividers, skylights, boat and aircraft windows, cell phone and computer screens, appliance windows.

The smart glass operates with the help of electric configuration of microscopic elements within the glass and its gives you easy access. The advanced glass technologies include suspended particle devices, liquid crystal devices, electro chromic devices and micro blinds. The following are benefits of using the smart glass and they are,

  • Blended approach of smart and non smart glazing
  • Daylight harvesting
  • It transforms the conventional and traditional windows into the high performing smart windows

Moreover the smart glasses allow the user to control the amount of light and heat should prevail inside the home by just pressing the single button. It also changes mode of the smart glass in the room from transparent to opaque, partially blocks the light while maintaining the clear view what lies behind the window.

What these smart glasses do?

Smart glass also known as electronically switchable glass, it opens an array of possibilities for interior designers and architect to control the glare, UV radiation and light. These smart glasses are high durable and it offers the privacy at the flick of switch. The smart glass technology is used in wide range of applications like hotels, restaurants, hospital interiors, doors and windows, partitions and walls. Most of the companies and office infrastructure are using the glass technology for providing the privacy and security to the employees to concentrate on their work. In which you can also use the smart glass walls to frame a dining room where you can look at your backyard on nice evening time. However if you are looking to add the privacy from your neighbors then you can do so with just by touching the button the smart transparent glass becomes opaque.