Smart gift ideas for colleagues

It can be extremely difficult to decide what to give to the people with whom you spend most of the time during your work hours. If you are making a gift list, make sure to include your co-workers too because you spend more time with them each day and maintaining a rapport is very important. Gift them something that they would appreciate and it should be such that it conveys a message of appreciation and professionalism. But don’t go on to decide in the last minute. If you are participating in an office gift exchange especially when winter is around the corner, here are some of the most appropriate gift ideas for your colleagues.

  • Fruit basket- Fresh fruit baskets can be a nice idea when it comes to gifting a colleague. You can easily personalize a basket decorating it with stickers ornaments, ribbons, coloured tapes. In this basket you can include seasonal fruits. This is an appropriate gift for your colleagues. Since fruits are already a healthy item, your colleagues are sure to appreciate them.
  • Books- Book are as usual the best gift item. They are meaningful, educational and most importantly affordable too. Give a book of their favourite genre. In case you are not sure about the literary genre that they prefer, you can always gift them a motivational book or a business book.
  • Gadgets- Gadgets like mobiles, laptops, tablets etc., make a very important part in our professional life. Similarly gadget cases which are protective can make a good gift item. They are even a fashion statement for professionals as well as geeks. Also running out of a gadget power is a big problem. Portable gadget chargers are a blessing in our life. They have come a long way technologically. In this case, gifting your colleague a gadget charger will be the best idea.
  • Charity card- If your colleague is someone who has everything, consider giving them a charity card. If you are aware about a cause that your colleague is already working for then you can consider donating money directly to that organization on their behalf. 
  • Food basket- Having a foodie colleague means nothing can make a best gift except a food basket. Similar to fresh fruit hampers uk, you can include dry fruits, wine or champagne, chocolates, cookies, cakes etc., all wrapped in a beautiful personalized basket.
  • Gift cards- The gift of a beautiful dining experience with a gift card to a favourite restaurant of your colleague will please them too. Many online retailers are now available who provide many services for buying a gift card at many restaurants.
  • Alcohol- Gifting your colleagues alcohol can be classy, especially if you are good at selecting a good quality wine or beer. Know what your colleague likes the most. You can also consider buying them an imported ale which you can get easily at certain grocery stores. You can also choose to give them a bottle of imported wine.

Well, this list is sure to clear your ideas when choosing a gift for your colleagues.

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