Sleep Yoga: The Ultimate Weapon To Sleep Faster

Sleep Yoga: The Ultimate Weapon To Sleep Faster

Whenever you feel like sleeping but still are unable to sleep, it signifies that you might be suffering from any health or mental issues. Moreover, when you are mentally tired, your body suffers too. Therefore, you need to remove all the negative emotions growing within you. Nothing can work perfectly than practicing Yoga Nidra for Sleep.

The following are a few reasons that can compel you to practice meditation for sleep. Having a brief reading to know more.

Reason To Practice Sleep Yoga


When you feel mental fatigue, your mind does extra work by concentrating on vital information along with getting entangled in the mental chatter. Therefore, when you practice yoga for sleep, you go get the opportunity to have a peek into your deeper self.

Being mindful allows you to be present at the moment, and therefore, provide a stronger bond with how you might be feeling or thinking in the “NOW”.


Since the mind is so cycled up, you learn to calm your mind, so that, it can have the much-needed rest. Meditation for sleep provides you space and time that initiates a process in which you slowly relax your mental and physical dimension.

When you are fully relaxed, you get into a state of wakefulness. It makes you aware of the state your mind or body is in.

New Dimension

Your unconscious mind controls 90 percent of your life, voluntary as well as involuntary actions. You might have witnessed that in some cases, your body reacts automatically even though you never intended to do what your body did.

When you come face to face with your inner mechanism, you learn to get the control back. It helps you get rid of all the hidden demons that can disrupt your inner balance. Thus, you walk towards a newer dimension of life.

Birthing Positivism

Your mind always plays tricks and keeps you entangle in unworthy things that release dopamine. When dopamine is released, you feel good, and your mind wants to taste it once again. However, practicing yoga for sleep helps you to train your mind to break the dopamine cycle.

There comes various situations where your brain fights with you and tries to break your willpower. When you flush out all the bad things out of you, you learn to have better control over your being.

Stronger Connection

What good would it be if you don’t even know yourself truly? Meditation for sleep brings you in a closer link with your inner being. Over time, your intuition gets stronger and that automatically helps you make good decisions in life.


Sleep is the most important thing that you cannot survive without. You need to revive from all the marks that your soul gets stained with. Meditation for sleep helps you become aware of your inner and outer functioning, so that, you can cope with everything you have been going through.

You can also join a yoga teacher training to become a master at yoga Nidra, and have sound sleep.

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