Skills testing – why recruiters should implement skills assessment

As the pandemic continues to affect the economy and the unemployment rate, job vacancies are seeing an upsurge in applications. Does implementing skills assessment help recruiters? The short answer is – Yes!

For a more detailed answer, read about the different reasons why skills testing is especially important for recruiters today.

  1. Filters quality candidates

Increase in candidate applications does not directly translate to rise of quality applications. It can be quite difficult, when faced with a mass of applications, to easily determine which of the candidates are actually suitable. Recruiters, therefore, need to be more mindful when assessing CVs as there are hundreds of candidates with similar qualifications and backgrounds applying for a single role. Skills testing narrows down the candidate list considerably while highlighting jobseeker’s competencies as related to the role.

  • Supports online and remote testing

In the present context, the ability to assess candidates online and remotely has a significant impact in recruitment. It immediately allows recruiters to test applicants at both parties’ convenience. Working conditions are ever changing. Many recruiters are now operating from home as are jobseekers so online and remote skills testing is a practical solution. Online skills testing is easier to deliver than it is to organise an in-agency exam. The tests can be sent out in email links in a couple of minutes.

  • Improves efficiency

Recruitment agencies who adopt skills testing as an integral part of their work process will be able to vouch for the above. Sending tests is easy. Deciding which tests to send might take a bit more time. However, many skills testing software suppliers make it easy for agencies and their recruiters to customise a list of tests. For example, tests like Literacy, Data Entry, and Typing can be grouped together for administrative roles. Accounting roles can have Numeracy and the MS Office tests. So instead of selecting a bunch of tests to send applicants every time, it is easier to group certain tests together for a particular role and just click on that category when sending the test link.

  • Helps inform decision making

It is easier said than done to sift through many applications with similar qualifications. Pre-employment tests make it easier for recruiters to understand the candidates and their suitability for the role. Administering different skills tests help measure an individual’s ability to do the job by simulating genuine situations on the jobs and testing job knowledge. An added advantage is that the results are available immediately which informs recruiters’ decision-making process

  • Gives a head start

Recruiters utilising skills testing to find and place the best candidates get a head start compared to competitors who do not. Skills assessment is usually done before the final interview with the hiring company. Employers are more likely to go with the candidate who has already been evaluated for their skills, personality and cultural fit. Reports from skills tests can help hiring managers see the candidates better and analyse how can they fit into the company. It saves employers the effort and time to determine the suitability of the candidate on their own.

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