Six ecommerce trends for 2021

Since the lockdowns, some town centres look like ghost towns, but online it has never been more important to create a good impression. Customers are missing the opportunity to explore products and ask questions and that will drive many of the e-commerce trends in 2021.

Product experience

There are many ways a business can enrich the customer’s experience of a product online. These include 3D images, videos, reviews, better size guides, and even augmented reality tours. Always add content to describe the features you can’t show, like textures and odours.

Better searching

A huge number of websites are let down by poor, cumbersome search plugins. Quickly presenting a visitor with what they want is crucial for conversion. This is quickly becoming a specialised area, so leading websites are adopting professional services powered by A.I., like Searchspring and Klevu. For more about this important topic see


Most people return to shops where they know the staff. It is no different online—people like to be remembered and feel special. Customer recognition is a vital opportunity to develop loyalty and win “influencers” who will recommend you on social media. To do that, you need to gather all the information you can about your visitors: names, what they want, what they dislike. Asking them is a very cheap way to find out.

Online chat

Customers also miss being able to ask questions in real-time. More sites are installing chatbots to do this, but having real humans available works even better. Another option is to provide a discussion board where customers can share their knowledge with each other—especially if your goods are technical in nature.


Online businesses are realising it is a mistake to lock themselves into just one website. Instead of waiting for customers to come to them, forward-looking entrepreneurs are reaching out to find their customers on Facebook, Twitter, blogging platforms, and marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay. However, it is vital to establish strong branding so many businesses also buy domain name variations that could be confused with their own, (you can research this at


Delivering the goods should never be an afterthought! Although the number of home deliveries has exploded, the number of lost and damaged goods has too. Customers are impressed by fast, safe delivery, so wise businesses are busy negotiating better services from logistics partners.

It all starts with a domain name, you can’t have a website without one.

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