SIR MOVE SINGAPORE: Great Ideas on Packing Clothes

If you are Moving to Australia soon, here are some fantastic ideas on packing your clothes that will remove all the hassle. When you are decluttering and packing up items from your closet, it can be the most overwhelming aspect of your moving project.

What goes first? How do you wrap up those big clothes that don’t fold neatly? Without knowing the right hacks, you might end up with scuffed shoes, wrinkly shirts and damaged bags.

Through our wealth of experience as one of the top relocation companies in Singapore, we have a great list of things you can do to avoid those horrible experiences.

Assess Your Wardrobe

The first step is to assess your clothes, and accessories to sort out what you should sell, donate and keep. Consider donating gently used closet items, selling still trending outfits and getting rid of damaged apparels. You can consider storing sentimental items, in climate-controlled storage units, but be sure you actually need to store it or discard.

Wash and Dry-Clean

Before you begin packing the clothes in your closet, we recommend washing and dry cleaning every cloth in there. Think about this; if you mix dirty clothes and clean ones, it could make all your clothes dirty and smelly. Also, ensure that your clothes properly dry before ironing to prevent mildew issues as a result of damp clothes.

Packing Supplies

Once you have successfully, assessed, washed, and dry-cleaned your clothes, you can now pack them. However, different garments and accessories demand different kinds of packing supplies. With many years of experience as one of the best moving companies in Singapore, we have created a careful list of the right methods to pack your clothes, shoes, and bags.

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