Simple Tips To Ensure Girls Can Maintain Tan on Skin For A Long Time

As summer approaches, beaches and swimming pools become the most valuable places for the public. Are you ready to dive in the cool water? Or do you want to sunbathe? Whatever you plan to do this summer, tan your body. Bring your legs bronze and become a part of the cool beach and nature. Here is the list for girls.

How To Prepare For Spray Tan?

Whether you purchase the spray tan in a beauty salon or in an online beauty store, it is necessary to consider tolerance. A spray tan must be appropriate with your skin tone and texture. It is good to use natural or safe spray tans. Also, make sure that a tan sticks to your skin for longer.


Applying exfoliation creates a perfect foundation on the skin for a spray tan. It is only necessary to make sure that it removes all dead cells from the skin. By applying exfoliation, dead cells are removed and the skin becomes soft. It also prepares the skin for another application that sticks to the surface for longer.

No Lotions and Makeup

Yes, lotions and make-up can damage the tan. Legs, thighs, hips and back do not look properly tanned when you apply other products. You have applied the exfoliator. It is enough. There is no need to apply any lotion or make-up to the skin.

Avoid Excessive Water

Unfortunately, the skin glows well when slightly dry. Frequent drinking of water keeps the skin excessively hydrated and influences the spray tan. Girls who want to have a bronze glow on their skin should avoid water. Do not get it wrong. All you have to do is avoid excessive water so that there is no dehydration.

Choose Dark And Loose Clothing

Dark clothes are good for making legs shinier, the spray tan becomes stronger if you wear something light. Fashion designers, therefore, offer floral prints and dark panties.

Apply Tan Again After Bathing

Do you like to dive into the sea? Explore the beauty hidden in the water and enjoy your time in the cool water. However, this may reduce the tanning effect. Is it final? No, you can reapply the spray tan to regain the brilliant legs, hips, thighs, and back. This means that you will frequently use tanning products. Buy the top beauty brands and care products now with Cosmetics Planet.

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