Sidney Kimmel Medical College – Accredited Or Not?

Founded in 1824, Sidney Kimmel Medical College today, the Medical College has awarded over 31,500 medical degrees to over 1,100 qualified students each year. It offers both bachelor’s degree programs and advanced joint degree programs for more than 1,100 students each year. The program provides an outstanding student’s experience in science, medicine, mathematics, and ethics. The College offers a complete curriculum covering the entire range of treatment with a strong emphasis on patient care. This comprehensive program prepares its students for careers in all aspects of medical science, including pediatrics, internal medicine, cardiology, dermatology, echocardiography, gastroenterology, infectious disease, radiology, statistics, and physiology.

Main Campus of Sidney Kimmel Medical College

The main campus of the Sidney Medical College is located on approximately forty acres of land. A beautiful wooded area surrounds the entire complex. The University has two campuses; one is located in Sidney and the other at Kent, Washington. Each campus has over 900 acres of devoted space for its facilities. The University also has facilities available to the entire Washington community, such as the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and Sidney Kimmel Children’s Hospital.

The mission of the College is to train tomorrow’s medical professionals. Over the years, the University has focused on producing graduates who can provide high-quality health care. Graduates from the Medical College have become national leaders in their respective medicine fields. These graduates have gone on to become recognized leaders within their profession and throughout the community. The Sidney Medical College prides itself on being a part of the healthcare system in Washington.

World-class training for the member of Sidney Kimmel Medical College

The Sidney Medical College prides itself on providing world-class training for its members. They strive to maintain a robust education program that provides its students with a comprehensive overview of the various health care related topics. When it comes to training, the Sidney Kimmel Medical College strives to be the number one health care institution in Washington State.

Internship job before completing the course 

The Sidney Kimmel Medical College has been accused of rushing through portions of their new curriculum. Critics say that the new curriculum lacks focus and uniformity. This contemporary criticism against the College comes on the heels of a recent scandal. The College was accused of allowing one of its graduates to take an anesthesia job without completing the required internship. In this case, the College allowed the student to work in a hospital emergency room before completing the compulsory training. This action was later found illegal by the state’s Board of Nursing.

Critics also say that the Medical College is awarding more than 31,500 medical degrees and fellowships to its students in a brief period. According to critics, the College does not have the adequate time or resources to evaluate students properly. The board of nursing claims that it has the necessary time and resources to conduct the required evaluations. Furthermore, critics argue that the number of graduates who have pursued careers in specialty areas has significantly fallen since the inception of the new curriculum. As a result, critics say that the Sidney Kimmel Medical College is awarding too many diplomas and fellowships to students who are not best suited for them.

Affordability of Sidney Kimmel Medical College: 

However, supporters of the College maintain that these criticisms are unfounded and unfair. They claim that the College has a limited amount of resources and can only afford to award diplomas and degrees upon completing their full degree program. Besides, they say that the limited number of medical degrees awarded at the school represents the number of students pursuing careers in specialties other than nursing. The critics also argue that the number of students pursuing careers in different things is still deficient despite the increased acceptance of the College’s coursework towards other fields. Finally, they add that it is not true that other private medical colleges in the United States are better able to compete with Sidney Kimmel Medical College.

On the other hand, supporters of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College say that those numbers are inflated. They say that the school awarded more than thirty thousand diplomas and degrees in only eighteen years. Furthermore, they point out that many of the certificates and degrees Sidney Kimmel Medical College has awarded are in business, nursing, social work, and public health. Besides, they argue that most of the graduates who have pursued careers in these areas had little chance to study in a traditional medical institution.

Finally, they say that it is not true that other private medical schools in the country are better equipped to prepare their graduates for employment opportunities. Sidney Kimmel Medical College is specially accredited because it is specifically designed to be an independent medical institution.

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