Shut Down Your Computer Everyday if You Want to See It Working for Long!

With the constant use of computers everywhere, the debate of keeping it always on or switching off for sometime continues! As a busy person or a worker retreating towards the computer after each hour, we know shutting it down and switching on again would be too much. But we aren’t convincing you to do the same after every use. It’s just once a day, (when you aren’t most active) that you should shut it down for some hours.

Why does Your Computer Demand Shut Down Once a Day?

Computers are the backbone of your business and you obviously spent a large amount in getting it. And if anything affects it negatively, you’ll definitely stand against it and avoid the same. But believe us, shutting down your computer once in a while proves really beneficial.

1. Extended life — It’s natural for a computer to giveaway after some years. But when you are constantly working on the same for hours and not shutting it down for days, then you certainly are damaging its battery. Though it would be treated easily by JMC Computers, providing computer repairs in Melbourne, and they do their job perfectly well too. But obviously, you are gradually risking the life of your device because of the constant, unstoppable usage.

2. It provides improved performance — History and experience prove that a restarted device works better. Similarly, when you are shutting down your computer, you are actually restarting it and it obviously boosts its performance later.

3. Protection from power surges — Power surges are pretty common and you know the effects of these on your electronic devices. If you are keeping your computer constantly, they tend to get affected by these power surges and you will get a big bang of loss on your head. While a shutdown computer rarely gets hit by these surges and saves your day.

4. Save Bills —Did you forget the utility bills while you keep your computer switched on constantly all the time? Well, when you shut it down, even though for a few hours, you are saving on your bills too.

5. A Break from Distractions — Computers can be noisy when they choose to be. If you are having constant reminders of mails and other notifications from it all day and night long, how are you going to concentrate on your other important responsibilities? Obviously, that’s why shutting it down for some time helps!

6. Confidentiality Issues — If you have a busy and buzzing office or workplace, then with your open computer even your records are open for everyone. This leads to a lot of data leaks. While shutting it down when not in use saves your information from becoming common knowledge.

Apart from these issues, your computer will start hogging the data when it stays open which freezes it later. Even the device gets heated due to this constant usage, which again affects the life of your computer and its parts. That’s why no matter what happens, don’t forget to shut down your computers at least once in a day! 

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