Should We Wear Jewelry at the Beach?

Getting ready for the beach, sunbathing, and swimming sound pleasing. Do your preparations include jewelry as well? If we just keep into account the trend, then there is no harm to wear jewelry at the beach. We can quote the examples of Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid who have been seen carrying jewelry at such places. They give us the green signal to do the same.

But there are some aspects you have to be cautious of. Every jewelry metal is not meant for the beach. Hence, if you want to know what it should be then read further.

1. Effects of Sand & Salt Water

If you allow yourself to wear jewelry at the beach, then be ready to obtain the side effects as well. The sunlight, sand, and seawater can speed up the process of jewelry tarnishing. You know what, sand is made up of silica, which can be quite harsh & damage your jewelry gleam. 

Jewelry which has a copper element in it will no longer be wearable because saltwater can cause a reaction to it. The life span of jewelry will be minimized and finally, you will not keep it in your jewelry box.

2. Jewelry to Wear at the Beach

Following the tradition, the jewelry you have to wear at the beach should be durable to resist the effects of sand and seawater. It could be diamond, gold, or sterling silver. These are the metals that would not get affected much. If your jewelry is plated like gold or rhodium plated then you will observe aftereffects.  

Most probably, a thin gold layer will vanish off and the core of jewelry will be visible. So, in that case, you have to be selective for jewelry items at the beach. You can make a new jewelry collection for visiting beaches only.

3. Say No to Statement Jewelry

Why should you say no to statement jewelry? First and foremost, you can carry fashionable jewelry at the beach. But you have to select simple jewelry styles. If your jewelry is funky and has exotic designs, then it will look odd. Secondly, there are chances that it will leave tan lines on your skin.

You have to look for something that is appropriate for the location. Like it would be weird to wear dangle earrings. If you want to wear a necklace, then a simple chain or pendant would suffice the need. 

4. Clean Jewelry Later On

No doubt, wearing durable jewelry will oppose the effects of saltwater. Still, you can’t escape from the jewelry cleaning routine. Doing so will wash away the residuals of sand and other marks. Purchase an effective jewelry cleaning solution from the market and with the help of a cotton cloth remove the particles. 

Keep your jewelry in separate velvet bags so that they might not get scratches. It will help you restore the jewelry for a long time.

In Summary:

Yes, you can wear simple jewelry items at the beach, especially the ones which you know have a short life span. 

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