Should I Hire an Attorney to Aid Me Submit My Trademark Registration?

A lawyer is not called for when declaring a federal trademark enrollment with the USA License and Trademark Office. However, they serve before, throughout, and after declaring of your application. An attorney that specializes in trademark and intellectual property issues has years of experience taking care of all sort of concerns that develop via the trademark procedure, and this experience aids in anticipating what need to be resolved in your trademark application. This experience is something the common candidate does not have, and consequently, a lawyer will assist the process along tremendously. It’s uncomplicated to recognize why most applicants pick to make use of the services of private trademark attorneys.

Prior To Getting Trademark Enrollment

A personal trademark attorney Houston can perform a search of all existing federal and state trademark enrollments that can potentially be perplexed with your recommended trademark. They can additionally perform a search of all “common law” (rights based on use of the mark and not on a federal trademark enrollment) use of the mark. This will help tremendously with the procedure, as you wouldn’t desire any type of potential costly disputes in the future worrying your use a mark that has been formerly signed up or is presently in operation. This also allows you recognize if your mark is most likely to be refused before starting the process of trademark registration.

During the Application Process

Your lawyer will touch with the USPTO on your behalf and will certainly apprise you of any type of updates concerning your application. Any issues with your application or refusals to register your mark will certainly be dealt with promptly. Years of experience in addressing the Trademark Office’s problems help your attorney in comprehending specifically what the Trademark Office is seeking and what adjustments should be made. This reduces effort and time spent on making edits and resolving all problems at the same time, instead of continually receiving notices from the Trademark Office those adjustments must still be made.

After you get your Registration

The USPTO does not impose trademark legal rights, and you alone are responsible for making sure your mark is not being made use of without your authorization. A trademark lawyer has experience in trademark infringement issues and has the experience to make a decision whether or not someone else’s use your mark makes up trademark infringement. If violation is located to exist, a trademark attorney has the gravitas to resolve the problem with the various other party in your place.

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