SharePoint Recovery When SharePoint Farm Configuration Cannot Be Restored

Microsoft SharePoint Server allows you to create a collection of different SQL servers and SharePoint servers that work together to provide basic services linked together by a single configuration database. This collection is known as SharePoint Server Farm. Settings allow you to combine multiple services and make them available at the same time. However, in some situations, the configuration database may become unusable due to corruption and require SharePoint recovery solutions as suggested by

MS SharePoint 2010 allows you to restore the configuration database, which is why you can restore farm settings. However, this service was not provided in previous versions, e.g. MOSS 2007. Since the latest version allows you to restore farm settings directly, you do not need to restore the configuration database.

Restore farm settings using central administrator

The steps below will help you recover the SharePoint database by restoring farm settings through Central Manager

You must be a member of the Farm Administrators group on the system running Central Administration. You must also have permissions for the sysadmin server role on the database server that contains all databases.
In the Backup and Restore section of the Central Administration home page, click to select Restore from Backup.
From the Backup screen, select the Backup Recovery Page in the Restore screen, and then select the backup that is part of the farm’s backup from the backup list. Then click the Next button.
Select the component to restore from Restore from Backup, then select the check box next to the yard and click Next.
In the Restore Component section, select the Restore settings page under Restore from backup. Make sure the farm appears in Restore the following content list.
In the Restore Settings Only section, make sure that the Restore Content and Settings option is selected.
In the Restore Settings section, select the type of recovery settings. Use the same settings. Click the OK button to confirm this action. Then click Start Restore.
You can view the status of all SharePoint repair jobs.
This SharePoint recovery method works in several scenarios. However, if the SharePoint database recovery fails through this option, you must restore SharePoint documents using third-party SharePoint recovery tools.
SharePoint recovery software helps you restore the SharePoint 2007 and 2010 database to its original state. SharePoint 2007 recovery is completely secure and easy with these applications.

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