SEO strategies for Amazon: the most important factors to position yourself

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Important factors to position yourself

If you follow us, you already know that most of our articles are aimed at SEO optimization for Google to improve the visibility of our websites and to get more conversions.

Well, there is another search engine as powerful and popular as Google, very used to find products suitable for your needs, and its name is Amazon!

The ecommerce founded by Jeff Bezos is the main online sales site in the western hemisphere, and a real point of reference for those looking for products at affordable prices, to be received in a short time and with the desired characteristics.

To exploit this huge pool of contacts, however, we must respect some precautions to improve the real SEO positioning of our products. In fact, Amazon also has its own ranking algorithm, and based on how we present our products and our brand, we will have different results.

The study of SEO strategies for Amazon allows us to increase the sales volume of our products, both directly improving the visibility of our products and increasing the reputation of our seller profile.

Amazon is evolving fairly quickly but despite the changes that are chasing each year, there are prerequisites for SEO optimization that we can follow to increase our ability to make revenue thanks to the huge online store.

Keep in mind that SEO strategies activities for Amazon are different from those of Google. Their objectives are different in that Google aims to offer useful results for searches to sell advertising. While Amazon wants to sell as many products as possible and therefore increase the effectiveness of product search mechanisms.

However, Amazon is currently ahead of Google in terms of selling products, and engaging in increasing visibility on the large platform means working directly to increase its turnover.

How to increase visibility on Amazon thanks to SEO strategies?

Keep in mind that Amazon has some differences compared to Big G, first of all:

  1. Amazon data has pre-established formats
  2. Amazon has an approach specifically aimed at cataloging products, and therefore its main criteria are the number of sales and the average value of each transaction

Among the main SEO factors for Amazon that we need to keep in mind we have:

  1. keyword : resorting to the most sought after keywords in our field allows us to appear more relevant than the requests for products in our field
  2. CTR
  3. Sales success (conversion rate, product sales …), in general everything related to monetisation
  4. Page performance (number of pageviews, sessions, users, time spent on the page …)
  5. Off page factors : traffic from external referrals
  6. Authority of the seller expressed from the point of view of seniority, the increase in sales growth over time, product reviews, variety of stock available

Keywords are particularly important to make the product relevant for themed searches. They must be used mainly in:

  1. Title (the title of the products cannot exceed 500 characters)
  2. Description
  3. Category
  5. Reviews

The importance of keywords for Amazon

The study of keywords for Amazon is a fundamental process for positioning your products, therefore you must commit yourself to choosing the most profitable terms and the least competition to reach advantageous positions, and to use them in the most varied and creative way possible. Get to know More From Here “top amazon fba coaching program“.

The choice of keywords must be made according to common sense criteria and aim to specifically define the characteristics and functions of the products to overcome the generalist competition.

A very intuitive tool for choosing keywords is Sonar, thanks to which you can identify the terms relevant to your business and even “reverse engineer” the pages of competitors to find out what keywords they are positioned for.

SEO factors (and not) to take care of for Amazon

Even the image quality contribute to increasing the quality of product sales: you should then enter photos in selling high quality goods, original, taken from different angles to enhance the experience of user consultation. I advise you to opt for images of about 1000X1000 megapixels to ensure that the quality is sufficiently high.

The reviews are an important factor underlying the judgment on the authority of the sellers. We must therefore encourage as much as possible the judgments in our favor to increase our visibility within Amazon and stimulate our users to believe in the quality of our offer, perhaps through social networks to encourage our contacts to leave us constructive feedback.

Obviously we need as positive reviews as possible and that can offer useful information to readers on why they should buy from us; however, even negative reviews – if motivated – are useful to provide us with useful ideas on how to improve our products.

The choice of categories also affects the ease with which our product will be identified by potentially interested users. Placing the product in different categories, if related to the characteristics and functions of the goods, proves to be a useful idea to make it better traceable according to different types of criteria.

The price is one of the most attractive criteria for users for evaluating products: betting on very reasonable prices means meeting with greater ease the satisfaction of those who intend to spend as little as possible, and therefore Amazon regulates itself accordingly.

In the case of downloadable products – such as ebooks – the number of downloads that is carried out has a certain weight : the greater the downloaded copies, the more easily a product will be placed in relief compared to those with less feedback from users.

Do not neglect your salesperson profile, besides that of the actual products. A reliable seller provides a lot of information on his activities, on his experiences, on all this can serve to buyers to evaluate the convenience to buy from us.

The willingness to answer all the questions that are asked by customers is another precaution to follow to improve the reputation of your profile as a seller.

In addition to this, there are SEO NYC optimization strategies that also lend themselves well to Amazon such as:

  1. provide all data relating to the product (the more complete and exhaustive the data sheets, the more useful and attractive they are for our audience)
  2. the use of persuasive and truthful descriptions

There are also criteria that are not strictly SEO but which can equally help to stimulate the trust of our users such as the correct management of the out of stock, the price update and the adherence to Amazon logistics .

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Even if it is not SEO strategies , these are measures that prove useful to improve the satisfaction of our public: just as for ecommerce, the management of out of stock products allows you to attract attention to other goods in stock or at least not to disperse the user visits.



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