Sell All the Things!

Sell All the Things!

There is a growing movement in today’s world that I find myself daydreaming about joining. It’s this idea of ditching the big and luxurious things in life and downsizing in both the size of your home and the amount of electronics you have around you. Scientists are constantly hounding the public on how screen time is not good for people and with all the recent breaches in security, I think they are just magnets for hackers to come in and destroy your life as you know it.

There have been articles about mothers who have found videos of their own children posted online from footage from the baby monitor in their children’s rooms that had been hacked. Leaked photos, hacked purchaser’s information from stores and hidden card scanners installed in gas pumps cover today’s headlines. How is an average person supposed to avoid becoming prey to the malicious software and the people who invent it? Our laptops, phones, home security systems and even the GPS/Bluetooth set installed in my car has a microphone and camera in it. I’m not one to be too paranoid, but the amount of electronics in our lives is increasing by the day and unfortunately are open to even the rookies of hackers.

The idea of living in a tiny home and using a flip phone is become increasingly popular once again. People don’t want the stress and worry that comes with this big “American Dream” of owning the latest and greatest gadget, not to mention the amount of crippling debt that typically comes with this latest and greatest lifestyle! Although it might seem extreme to some, this notion of eliminating the security hazards and expensive equipment is growing very quickly.

There are numerous businesses out now that help people easily sell and eliminate their old devices, so that people can live a simpler and safer life. Just a simple Google search brings up places such a iGotOffer, BuybackWorld and itsworthmore, just to name a few. I went online to investigate some of the websites and have even used iGotOffer to sell my old and broken Macbook in the past. Sites like these give you money for your items, even if they are broken, allowing you to spend that in other needed areas. I really wouldn’t mind ridding my life of my iPhone and the security issues that come along with it, and simplifying to a time in the past- when hours were spent truly connecting to our loved one’s face to face, instead of over the screen on Facebook or Twitter.

Although I probably can’t immediately sell my home and it might be impractical to live in a tiny house with my children at this stage in life, it certainly is possible to eliminate my usage of unsafe electronics. I don’t need the headache or worry that comes with them anymore!