Security Private is a private security agency operating in all types of places and in all sectors of activity. Our security agent, fire safety agent, dog dog agent or even store security agent services are quickly implemented throughout France. Our qualified and certified security agents are at your service to ensure the safety of goods and people, prevent theft, ensure deterrence against acts of vandalism and intervene in the context of fire prevention. More details on the different missions of our security agents on our comparison of security agents.

Need a security guard to secure a site quickly? In Île-de-France, our security services per agent can be set up in one hour by our operations department. Our security operations center can be contacted 24/7 to respond to any urgent intervention request. To get in touch with the sales department, you can request a quote, ask to be called back immediately or use the contact form security guards orange county.

Our security agents intervene as part of their mission in strict compliance with laws, rules, procedures and instructions. All the security agents deployed are qualified and certified agents, holders of professional cards issued by the CNAPS. The services put in place are systematically subject to regular monitoring and control on your sites. Discover all our quality commitments.

Qualified security guards perform their duties in any type of business or private or public body, whether or not they have their own security service. Its interventions are carried out in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to private security activity.

The qualified security officer can be placed under the authority of a direct line manager of the management of his company or his agency (operations manager, sector manager, operations assistant, etc.) or by delegation if necessary (in particular team leader, station manager, site manager, etc.).

The missions of the qualified security officer are aimed at the protection of movable and immovable property as well as that of natural or legal persons directly or indirectly linked to the security of property.

They come in different missions:
Reception and access control for visitors, customers, staff and the public
General surveillance of the site, buildings, property
Technical and fire safety (basic)
Rescue and assistance to people, protection and alert in the event of an accident or exceptional event.

Reception and access control missions are the first link in the security chain. They are carried out within the strict framework of the specific instructions of the post. In particular, they exclude tasks of an administrative, logistical or protocol nature liable to divert the agent from his mission of managing the entry and exit of staff, service providers and customers of the user company.

Filter and control the entry and exit of people, vehicles and packages
Check the car parks (patrols) under the conditions provided for by the regulations in force
Welcoming visitors
Save identities
Issue badges to visitors and outside companies
Check the validity of badges
Reconcile identities and authorizations
Inform, guide and support visitors to the site
Manage phone calls for security reasons
Ensure the management of keys and means of opening.

Carry out surveillance rounds on site according to the instructions in forc
Deal with anomalies in accordance with the workstation’s instructions
Use the technical possibilities of the surveillance system made available
Manage alarms
Technical and fire safety.

Technical security missions aim to ensure the continuity and integrity of the functioning of the infrastructures entrusted by the client company within the strict framework of the specific instructions for the station. This first emergency alert and intervention function is not intended to replace controls and the intervention of specialists (specialized fire departments, public services).

Perform technical rounds
Check the presence and accessibility of the safety equipment provided for the site
Check compliance with the application of site safety instructions.

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