Secure Your Car With Ghost Immobiliser Today

When it comes to secure a car then Secure My Vehicles is there to help you through a reliable and affordable ghost immobiliser. It protects your car from any third person.

We buy a new car and try everything to make it secure. No doubt, we all care about our personal properties whether it is a car, bike, home, office, or something else belongs to us. Everything has its own security system which prevents the thieves, criminals, kidnappers, or any third person from any sort of misconduct. Similarly, the ghost immobiliser is a very reliable and effective car security device.

No matter where you have parked your car, if you have installed it in your car then you can feel free to go anywhere. We all know that people are everywhere that steal cars and other vehicles from the streets, parking, and other places where you leave your car alone. Therefore, car manufacturing companies also provide high security and safety systems within the car to protect from any third person. But still, there are chances of security break by the expert thieves. They know how to break the door lock and how to start a car using a master key or smart key. Therefore, it is advisable to all of you to install the ghost-immobiliser in your car.

Why ghost immobilizer is so reliable?

The immobilizer is a very small chip device which protects your car from any kind of unauthorized control over your vehicle. If you don’t want anybody to start your vehicle without your permission, then it plays a vital role in fulfilling your want. Followings are the important features of the car immobiliser:

  • Protect the door lock
  • Disable the key switch movement
  • Disconnect the engine with key switch
  • Block the steering
  • Gives high alarm alert

Protects the door lock

The first target of the thieves to steal a car is its door. The door lock is very important if you protect it from the unauthorized unlocking attempts then you can save your car from stealing. The ghost-immobiliser protects the door lock blocking its function. The modern cars are coming with automatic door locks through remote car keys. Therefore, its becomes safer than the manual car keys to open the doors.

Disable the key switch movement

An immobiliser disables the key switch movement so that the wrong and unidentified keys may not work to start the engine. No matter how hard you try to turn the lock off you cannot do it unless the immobiliser doesn’t allow you with the owner’s consent. So this is a great feature in the car immobiliser.

Disconnects the engine with the key switch

This is the most important feature in which it disconnects the engine from the key switch so that the key fails to start the engine. It disables the keys to start the engine because the connection of fuel tank is now disabled for the protection purpose. So if someone gets to succeed in entering the car, your car is still safe and sound because it cannot start the car.

Block the steering

What is more, needed to protect the car from unauthorized people when you have an additional feature of blocking the steering? When the steering is blocked, how can a person take your car somewhere without your permission? It blocks the steering so badly so that no one can drive the car even if its engine is started and ready for the drive.

Gives alarm alert

The smart car immobilisers are also connected with the mobile devices through an application which gives immediate notification alert when someone tries to enter your car or start its engine using unidentified keys. In this way, you can catch your car on the spot if there is someone trying to steal your car from the parking, street, or somewhere else.

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