Sciatic Nerve Exercises For Pain Relief

Sciatic nerve exercises can be extremely useful in pain relief of sciatica. This article will introduce the various exercises and stretches you can do to help soften the pain associated with this condition.

For many people who suffer from sciatica an exercise and conditioning regime will be recommended as the main way to recovery. This conditioning and exercise plan will focus on strength, stretching, and aerobic conditioning. Together they form the best basis for a swift and healthy recovery from sciatic nerve pain. It will also help to prevent the condition from occurring in the future.

Sciatic Nerve Exercises

Here are the 3 main areas that an exercise and conditioning program for sciatica would focus on:


Stretching can help you become more flexible and flexibility can help to alleviate the pain caused by the sciatic nerve. Tight and inflexible muscles only help worsen the effects of sciatica and therefore they are targeted when a stretching program is put in place. One of the main areas which are stretched is the hamstring region, a place where much pain can occur and therefore extremely important for stretching.

Strength Exercise

Making the spinal column, supporting muscles, tendons and ligaments stronger is really important for fast and long-term sciatica recovery. These exercises thus focus on strengthing your core muscles, which in turn strenghten your whole body and provide a better foundation for your recovery. They help support the spine and make twisting and turning movement easier. Core muscles refer to abdominal muscles, buttock muscles, hip and back muscles.

Aerobic Exercise

Walking, swimming or light biking are all great ways to treat sciatic nerve pain by exercising. Depending on your age and severity of symptoms your doctor may recommend different forms of aerobic exercise.

Alternative Treatments

Alternative treatments such as yoga and tai chi have also been successful among some patients and your doctor may suggest you give them a try.

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