Save Time and Enjoy Convenience with Spa Frog Ease Replacement Cartridges

The point of owning a spa is to enjoy the benefits of the spa; relaxation, down time, a massage from the jets, the gentle warmth of the water. It goes without saying that having too much on your plate can have an adverse effect on these things. To be blunt, what we mean is that it can be tough to unwind and enjoy the hot tub when you’re worried about having to sanitize, shock, test and otherwise balance the water. There are ways to make this easier on yourself, and one way is with Spa Frog Ease replacement cartridges.

They won’t solve all of your problems as a hot tub owner, that’s true, but they will help you save a little time in administering the necessary chemicals to your hot tub’s water. We can illustrate this point easily by taking a look at some specific options that Spa Frog has created to make the lives of hot tub owner’s easier. They wouldn’t call it @ease if that were the point.

Consider the Spa Frog @Ease Floating SmartChlor Cartridges, which, as it turns out, may be able to save you not only time but money as well. If you have an @ease floating system, you can use the Spa Frog Ease replacement cartridges that go with them to deliver chlorine and other spa minerals to the water to keep it clean, clear and fresh. The best part of all this is there is not fussy measuring or any need to set reminders to sanitize the water. Why you will have to periodically test the water to be sure that it is within the proper levels, with enough familiarity with the process, you’ll gain confidence in its efficacy.

They’re easy to load and reload, and save tons of time. You basically just set the cartridge up in the water and it will release chlorine and minerals over time and at the right proportions. The best part is, this thing won’t just save you time in sanitizing the water. It can also save you money, too. In certain circumstances, the Spa Frog @Ease cartridges will use up to 75% less chlorine than other methods. With a solution like this, you may very well be able to say goodbye to measuring out granules for good – and save money in the process.

With a system like this, all you will need to do in the way of sanitation is to continue routine shocking of the hot tub’s water and periodically test if that is your desire. The Spa Frog cartridge system even lets you know when it’s empty and needs to be refilled. All you have to do is pay attention to it; when it’s empty, it flips over and that means you need to drop a new cartridge in. It’s easy and extremely convenient. All the function and utility you could ask for are built right into the design.

If you want to save yourself time with a system like this, then all you need to do is get the system and some replacement cartridges and you’ll be more than good to go. To find the necessary equipment, visit Hot Tub Club at HotTub.Club. The reason for this is simple, although there are so many suppliers out there. Hot Tub Club has the goods you need, at great prices, along with all of the other essentials that you’ll need as a hot tub owner, or a pool owner for that matter. Check out their website, listed above, or give them a call at 866-546-8882; they’ll be glad to help you out with any questions on products or processes.

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