Safety Do’s & Don’ts For Pedestrians & Drivers

Safety hazards are not limited to roads, warehouses, and workplaces. You can observe safety hazards in a variety of places including parking lots. In fact, parking lots often remain busy with plenty of vehicles and pedestrians going in and out. The management of various parking lots tries to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians by installing parking lot barriers and other safety equipment.

However, there are some places in parking lots where the installation of these barriers is not possible, and there are still potential hazards for pedestrians and drivers alike. The best way to avoid any injuries is by making sure you implement as much safety equipment, markation, and knowledge as possible. 

We have put together some do’s and don’ts for pedestrians and drivers to help them in staying safe while cruising through a busy parking lot. These tips are listed below:

Tips for Pedestrians:

Here are some do’s and don’ts for the safety of pedestrians in a parking lot:

  • Do keep an eye out for things moving around while walking and look on both sides. Of course, you have heard this sentence countless times and probably you are fed up of hearing it again and again from your relatives, friends, and parking lot staff. However, there is nothing wrong in it and it is for your own safety. You should observe the surroundings carefully while walking in a parking lot and look both ways and for clarity look twice before you cross a path. This is because a number of vehicles are moving too swiftly in the parking lot and if you ignore it, you are liable a potential hazard. In addition to moving fastly, vehicles do have a number of blindspots and most of the times there is a probability that drivers won’t see you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to be careful while walking in a parking lot. 
  • Do pick the fastest way to your destination. Don’t spend too much time in a parking lot while walking. You need to confirm the quickest door to the building because a parking garage is a serious place and by staying in it for toom much time you are probably limiting the smooth flow and inviting potential injuries.
  • Don’t use mobile or wear headphones while walking. Headphones or mobile phones can be a source of distraction for you which may turn your attention towards other things instead of the objects moving around in the parking lot which ultimately increases the chances of risk.

Tips for Drivers:

Just like pedestrians, drivers also need to care about some dos and don’ts in parking lots which are listed below:

  • Do take extra care of people and objects while driving in a parking lot. Parking lots mostly have very little lighting and are usually dark. This makes it hard for drivers to see other objects and pedestrians so little extra carefulness while driving can go a long way in ensuring the safety of others and keeping yourself safe from a lot of problems. 
  • Do lock the doors of your vehicle immediately once you sit in your vehicle, this will help you in avoiding theft and robbery issues. Also, remember to close the doors as soon as you get out of the vehicle to ensure the safety of your belongings in the car.
  • Don’t try to overtake vehicles in front of you or cut across while driving in a parking lot, stay in your lane and follow the direction signals and arrows painted on the driveways in the parking lot.

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