Safe Mezzanine Access Tips

Warehouses and other industrial units are busy places with a number of workers involved in different tasks to deliver the required results before the deadline. This fast-paced working environment can pose risk to the safety of workers if not properly managed. Therefore, the management should equip the workplace with a variety of engineered safety controls and develop a proper mechanism to enhance the safety of space through training of workers, effective safe alerts, and feasible standard operating procedures or SOPs. Otherwise severe consequences may occur resulting in casualties. One of the safety risks includes the risk of falling from mezzanine floors and the problems with unsafe accessibility. The use of workplace and warehouse mezzanine floors Sydney to Melbourne has seen a spike in the recent decade. 

The reason behind this spike is the availability of additional storage and working space because of these mezzanine floors. Despite the additional storage space and efficient working solutions provided by mezzanine floors, these floors can also increase potential fall hazards for the workers who access mezzanine floors multiple times during their regular working schedule. The management needs to identify these potential risks and implement a number of security arrangements to minimize the number of these hazards. We have decided to put together some important information related to the affiliated risks with the use of mezzanine floors, contributing factors, and required actions to ensure safety further details are given below:


It should be remembered that falls are the top reason behind the injuries and accidents happening at workplaces and warehouses. There is a high number of fall chances when the mezzanine floor is used. Therefore, proper safety protocols should be implemented to keep everyone working on a mezzanine floor safe from fall hazards and ultimately injuries. These protocols include a variety of physical fall protections installed around high risk areas to keep workers safe while accessing mezzanine areas for storage or work. It should be remembered a fall from relatively low heights can also result in a casualty or severe injury including fracture, damage of spinal cord, brain damage, and concussion. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that there is appropriate access and exit arrangement in mezzanine areas. There should be a proper vigilance regarding the weight restrictions applicable to mezzanine storage areas to keep everyone safe.

Contributing Factors:

There can be a variety of factors that can increase the chances of fall hazards from mezzanine floors. Mostly mezzanine floors are left unguarded that increase the chances of fall hazards considerably. Multiple hazards are either not identified or not taken seriously. The space has outgrown the original storage capacity and it is quite challenging to store products, thus, mezzanine floors are installed to expand the storage capacity. Employers are not trained and unaware of hazards.   

Required Safety Measures:

The management needs to identify the problems and come up with practical solutions to enhance workplace safety. They need to determine the storage requirements for the business and then go for mezzanine storage areas. Install mechanical means, if possible, to access the mezzanine floors for enhanced safety of workers. Invite a third party safety supervisor or hire one to regularly conduct a risk assessment before initiating work in order to identify hazards and make workers aware of them. This assessment will also help management to install appropriate safety measures to avoid hazards. Management should make sure that every worker working in the workplace is properly trained and supervised to avoid injuries at the workplace. The workers need to be aware of multiple hazards in the workplace and should be vigilant enough to point out any hazard if they find one and turn the attention of management towards the hazard for subsequent safety measures.

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