3 Useful Tips To Get Rid of Rodents Safely

Rodents look for shelter from human-inhabited places when their natural habitat is either destroyed or when they start looking for a more permanent source of food and comfort as well. The yards and attics of human homes are their most favorite places where they settle themselves and come out in the night to wander around the house and mostly attack the kitchen or the pet food. They not only attack the residential places but also seek refuge in the commercial ones. So, if you wish to be safe from these wild creatures and want to stay healthy as well, then don’t leave your place unchecked for a long period of time.

Rodents mostly take refuge in these places during the winter when the weather is cold outside and they are looking for a more warm and comfortable shelter. Once they get inside your house, they will start to breed and increase the infestation which will not only damage your place but will also affect your health as well. Are you wondering how rodents are capable of damaging a place?

Well, they are known to gnaw the wires and will ultimately eat out the complete wiring system of your house. They also make small holes in the yards and in the walls as well. They mostly attack the gardens because they find fresh fruits and vegetables there. Nobody wants rodents at their place so here are a few useful tips that will help you get rid of them fast and safely as well.

1- Seal All the Possible Entry Points

The first and main step that you should perform is to do a small inspection at your place. Before sealing any point, you should figure out where these creatures are coming from. A little detective work could make your work easier because finding the areas where they live can help you a lot in blocking their entrances. Because of course, you can’t seal all the entrances to your place. Do not put baits, repellents, or traps randomly without knowing the affected areas, as this would be of little or no importance if you do not know where the problem exactly is. If you get successful in identifying those places, immediately set up traps around the areas.

Close all the unnecessary openings and try to keep your windows and doors closed for most of the time. Seal all the suspected entry points of rodents with caulking or steel wool as they both are the best in this regard. Do not use wood, plastic, or rubber to seal the openings because rodents would end up gnawing them with their sharp teeth and again make holes in the sealed points.

As rodents have very soft and flexible bodies so they can enter through the smallest openings, making your effort go in vain. The best way to get rid of them is to hire a professional wildlife removal company for Rodent Control Opelika. In this way, you can have rodents eliminated from your place along with all their small entry points identified and sealed by professionals.

2- Eliminate Extra Food Resources

It is important to make sure that there is no extra food or water lying around your place for rodents to feast on. Keep your food covered at all times and it is best to keep all extra food in fridge so rodents can’t reach it. If you have a pet in your house then make sure that it doesn’t scatter the food around your whole place. Clean the pet food soon after feeding your pet.

There are some places in a house that rodents attack often. One of them is the back garage where people usually keep the garbage cans. If you have rodents at your place, then you will find them somewhere around your garbage cans. So, make sure that you keep these cans covered all the time with tightly fitted lids and another step that you can take for Rodent Control Opelika is to use pest-proof garbage containers.

Clean your yards regularly and clear away the fallen nuts and fruits because rodents love them. It is also recommended to keep an eye on your plumbing leaks and have them fixed because rodents also go towards places where there is water.

3- Keep Your Place Clean

One of the most basic tips for rodent control is to keep your house or office clean. This will prevent the rodents from infesting your house in the first place. If all parts of your house are cleaned often then rodents won’t find a place to hide. If they do occupy your house, then the best way to eliminate them is to hire a good company for rodent control Opelika. However, you should always ensure the cleanliness of your place and keep it hygienic to prevent getting stuck with rodents as your housemates in the first place.

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