Reviewing a Classic: The Spyderco Delica

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There are few Spyderco knives that are as classic to the “Spyderco” design as the Spyderco Delica, and few so well received by fans. While Spyderco makes a habit of offering different designs in specialized editions, the Delica certainly has gotten its fair share of press and positive buzz.

Generally, users love Spyderco for its quality control, excellent fit and finish, tough construction and customer service just as much for the grinds that Spyderco chooses and the factory edges with which they ship their knives. Overall, Spyderco knives are revered for their quality and it is a top player in names that knife owners kick around in the backs of their minds for everyday carry. Spyderco is at the top of that list; here we will take a closer look at the Spyderco Delica 4, which comes with a satin finished, plain-edged VG10 blade and a black FRN handle.

This model, which you can find at White Mountain Knives, comes in at a total closed length of 4 and a quarter inches, with a blade length of 2 and ?. That makes this knife just on the larger side of what most people would consider in a folder for EDC. It certainly offers plenty of room on the grips to make it comfortable in the grip, without fatiguing or overhanging, and the blade is right in that sweet spot around 3 inches of length. That gives it enough strength and leverage to perform moderate cutting tasks without the risk of straining or slipping. Also, the fact that the handle is proportionately larger than the blade puts some control back in your hands. Overall, it’s just a little north of what most people would call medium-sized blades for EDC.

With respect to the blade itself, it is made from a stain finished VG10 steel with a half-flat grind. Many Spyderco knives are made with full flat grinds and are excellent for fine cutting tasks, but this half-flat, almost Scandi grind puts some more steel behind the spine and gives this knife a little more durability. VG10 blade steels contains 1% carbon for strength and edge retention and up to 15% chrome to help resist corrosion – it’s a great balance of strength and corrosion resistance that is only commonly rivalled by some so-called super steels like CPM-S30V – and even then, that comes at the expense of toughness. Some super steels are just too brittle. Also, the cutting edge on this knife comes razor sharp from the factory and is ready to get to work.

As for the handle, the black FRN scales are ridiculously tough, almost impervious to the elements and to moisture, and contain bi directional texturing to offer you a really sure grip. This pocket knife also comes with a 4 way pocket clip so you can carry it high or deep, tip up, tip down, whatever is your preference. Also, without an obligatory thumb stud, this knife is great for left or right handed use. Another thing – it comes with a strong lockback mechanism that is reliable and sturdy.

Overall, this knife is comfortable to use, feels extremely solid in the hand and incorporates the user friendly features enumerated in this article to make the experience of ownership that much sweeter. To find this knife, visit, where you will also find a wealth of other options in tools and cutlery. Whether you’re looking for a Spyderco kitchen knife set, some other Spyderco folding knife, or even other options in pocket knives and fixed blades from other manufacturers, you will find no shortage of options there. Plus, shipping in the U.S. is free, so don’t delay – treat yourself to a new EDC folder today.

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