Repair an iPhone 6

The first question that arises is whether it is safe to repair an iPhone 6 or any other model, it is clear that we have valuable information, in addition to not knowing if those who are going to do the work really know, but how the need for a broken screen It forces us to look for where to repair our phone, we see you having to go to a service center but how do I choose one.

Apple repair experience
First of all, repairing an iPhone 6 is not necessarily easy, just as it is not easy to change a car tire, if you know that changing a car tire is easy but not everyone can. But above all the difference is that you already have the tool in the expensive one and the spare tire, iPhone 6 repair glue, you do not have the spare part or the right tool and the service center may not either, they can put you an unaccepted part by the brand and use a tool that hurts your phone. so it is best that you take it to a place that has experience in doing the repairs at least 5 years. In this link you can safely repair

The guarantee
That a place offers a guarantee already tells us that they have a certain level of reliability and experience, so the more guarantee they offer you the better. There is nothing more painful than repairing your iPhone 6 and then having to return because your phone is still bad or something else is ruined. And if that happens because it can happen it is also normal, it is best that they give you a guarantee to check your iPhone. You can repair your phone at

Specialized technicians
In addition to having the appropriate spare parts and having the guarantee, it is important that someone knows how to do the repair, if it is not impossible for the phone to be good after a repair, a center specialized in Phones and iPhone repairs will give you security at the moment to do the repair and you will feel safe and confident to change your screen of iPhone 6 or any other model. in this link you can repair your iPhone 6 screen safely

Quality of the Spare Parts.
The quality of the replacement parts are essential for your iPhone to continue working well, if your iPhone 6 does not change a screen with a high quality, it is very likely that it will be ruined or that something else on the phone is ruined. That is why at the point of the guarantee that we talked about previously, it will confirm that the quality of the iPhone 6 screen is good or not, if they give you little guarantee, the quality is probably not good.

But what are the most common repairs? Cellular Screens in USA has done several studies showing that the most common repairs are the following.

Number 4
Button Repair or Button Change . It has been very common for phones to fail after a blow, in principle according to the experience of cell, a button on your phone may not fail immediately, but a blow causes slight damage that after use causes the buttons They wear out internally and end up stopping completely, a recommendation that experts make is not to press the buttons so hard and use a case that can protect the cell phone.

Number 3
Repair of loading port. The phone charger input is one of the most common problems that cell phones have in USA for several reasons: using a bad charger that does not have the voltage that the phone needs, using a generic charger, connecting it to a power bank or even connect your smartphone in the car, this because it does not give the adequate energy that the cell phone needs. The most advisable thing is that you use an original charger and not charge it with external accessories. If you already have a problem with your cargo port.

Number 2
Battery Change , as everyone knows and as is common in many countries and also in Guatemala, problems can range from a very fast discharge, the phone not charging even though you have already changed your charger, the phone does not recognize the battery among others. Whatever the form of a bad battery, the problem is uncomfortable and irritable for those who are experiencing it. The recommendations of repair experts in USA, according to their experience, it is best not to charge the phone overnight, avoid it from being completely discharged USA use an original charger. And if you already have that problem, take it to a professional technical repair center.

Number 1
In USA, screen repair or screen replacement is repair number one that USA have, this is common due to the use and mobility of the telephone and derived from the fact that the screen occupies 80% of the telephone and is exposed is what is most damaged in a telephone and for which users look for a safe and fast repair. Although the iPhone, Samsung and Huawei have sought to improve the glass of the cell phone so that it does not have so many problems and is more durable, however it has not been enough and it has not been something that mitigates the broken screens. Nor do tempered glass make the bumps leave and hurt the screens It is best that you use your phone with the greatest possible care in places with little risk such as bedside tables or near swimming pools. If you need a repair on your screen or any other part of your phone, we recommend that you take it to an expert place and that they provide you with a minimum warranty of 8 months. Here are two places where you can find this

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