Rent Furnished Apartments in Luxembourg: Pros and Cons

If you need to live in Luxembourg longer because of work or studies, you need to find a comfortable place to stay. The question is, what type of apartment to rent, the unfurnished or furnished one?

Although in Luxembourg, furnished apartments are less common many prefer this type of apartment. If you want to rent without worrying about the furniture and other stuff you will need in your apartment, renting furnished accommodation is the best option.

Furnished apartments come equipped with the basic appliances in the kitchen, bathroom necessities like a washer/dryer set, a shower curtain, and other amenities. The items will vary depending on the owner and the type of place you are renting.

Pros and Cons of Renting a Furnished Apartments in Luxembourg

If you cannot decide whether to rent a furnished apartment in Luxembourg or not, maybe the list of pros and cons below can help you.

The Pros

Moving is easy. If you are from another country, assigned to work in Luxembourg for a certain period, this is the best option. No need for you to carry your stuff. Since the apartment will be equipped with the basic furniture, you can transfer right away.

No need to purchase furniture. You can save your money on other essentials that you need instead of buying furniture. Transferring from one place to another is quite costly, and you don’t want to use your money on buying mattresses and others.

If you need to relocate asap, it will be hard for you to bring your furniture. Also, you are not sure if it will fit in your apartment or not. Getting a furnished apartment will take the hassle out of moving – all you need to carry are your personal belongings.

Furnished apartments in Luxembourg can be leased for a shorter period. Usually, students and those who are on a business trip occupy the place. Most of the time, they will rent the place for several months to a year.

The Cons

Higher rent and security deposit. Since the apartment is fully-furnished, the rent is slightly higher as you already save yourself from buying costly furniture. The added fee on the rent will be spent on the appliances you will need in the apartment. Some also have a higher security deposit as their means of protecting the valuable furniture in the apartment.

Your liability is higher. As compared to unfurnished place, they will not return your security deposit if they see any damage on the wall or the wall is vandalized. In the case of furnished apartments, the security deposit will serve as a payment for damaged furniture. If you damage or destroy any appliance or furniture, you will either pay for the repair or use your security deposit.

To make sure you will not be liable for the damage you didn’t do, it is best to thoroughly check each furniture and note any scratches, dent, broken, or chirp. Taking a video inventory is recommended.

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