Why Do You Need a Remote File Access Solution

Remote file storage and access technology have eliminated the traditional file storage and access hassles. A file remote server, accessible to every member who needs to view that file. They do not move anywhere but to a device that’s connect to a network. This technology allows all stakeholders to interact and communicate with the file without geographic restrictions.

Now, the technology has become democratized, to the extent of anyone having their remote file storage and file access solution. Applications like ZipDrive let you turn any file storage medium attached to a computer into a remote personal data-storage facility. It gives you the advantage of having all your favorite files on any device of choice without actually carrying them with you.

Portability, And Much More

Cloud technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, to the point of supporting an entire company’s real-time computing needs remotely. A spin-off of that advancement is the personal remote file application. Industry players like ZipDrive bring the benefits of the technology for your personal use, and there are plenty of those.

Better Mobile Performance

The mobile phone is the primary gadget people use today for their digital interaction needs. Its portability and capability to do the required tasks are what make it an attractive action. However, its capabilities are curtailed compared to a regular computer due to that portability. Every resource like processing power and storage space is limited, which makes them precious.

Adding many files to carry in the device itself eats into those limited resources, ultimately affecting the performance. With a remote file access solution, you can safely store all required files at a remote location. All you need to access them would be a dedicated app and an internet connection.

This way, you can save your mobile’s precious resources while having access to all your files all the time. The resource-savings allow the phone to continue running smoothly.

Lowered Risk

Carrying your valuable data around comes with the risk of losing it forever should the storage medium stop working or get lost. Worst of all, it can beget stolen and fall into the wrong hands, who can use it to ruin your life.

These risks get practically eliminate with a remote file solution. The associated application will contain the necessary data-protection software to keep your files safe and secure. And since your storage device can be present in a safe location, there is very little chance of losing the device.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Imagine you want to show your friend a new picture you’ve clicked, but you don’t have your phone with you. With personal remote file solutions, it will not be a problem at all. These services are platform-agnostic, meaning they allow access irrespective of the accessing device’s hardware and software configuration (with some basic requirements). You only need to borrow your friend’s gadget and access the files via a browser.

Cost Savings

Professional cloud file storage solutions are aplenty these days. They, however, cost a pretty penny, which in most cases you have to pay repeatedly as subscription charges. The provider will delete your files should you skip payments for long. Also, if that company goes under, you’ll have little time to salvage your files. Security is another problem; your files will be vulnerable to leaks and hacks, and you won’t have any control over the security mechanism.

With a personal cloud solution, all of these will be under your control, especially the cost. A simple, low, number-of-devices-based fee structure welts you all you need from such a solution, without the risk of losing data as the storage device will be your own. You can even use the hard drive on your present computer, further saving you costs.

Everything is moving to the cloud and will continue to do so. With applications like ZipDrive, you can have your cloud solution for your files, ready to be accessed at a whim.

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