Reliable Internet Connectivity -Fueling Coworking Spaces

There are about 15 million freelancers in India. A major portion of this population offers remote support. While some choose to work from home, there are many who now prefer coworking spaces. Individuals who are looking for a quiet and productive environment that lets them work without any interruptions or even startups with small teams who need interim office arrangements might find coworking campuses to be a boon. As the owner of a coworking space, there should be several items to add to the amenities to offer an optimised working environment for the people choosing your space. A dependable internet connection lies at the crux of it all. Therefore, you need to work with the best internet service providers to offer the best experience for all the professionals utilising your coworking space. 

It All Begins with a Good Internet Speed

Even in a coworking space with the best ambience, a poor internet connection could be a major turnoff. A slow internet connection might disappoint someone who is trying to back up a large file to the cloud. Unreliable connections and lack of stability can be an unacceptable issue for someone who is trying to connect with a colleague through video or audio calls. Asymmetric speeds – uneven upload and download speeds could be a turn off for a user who is trying to make a presentation to his team virtually through videoconferencing. The internet connection in a coworking space should be able to tackle all these challenges. So, you need a large bandwidth – gigabit connections are in and so you might not have a problem there. There should be no outages or long downtimes affecting your users’ productivity. Speed, resilience, and symmetry are the most important features of internet for a coworking space. 

Scalability Should be Accommodated

When you have finally stumbled upon a list of the internet service providers who offer all the above requirements, you should check for scalability. Your coworking space might start small today and then grow at its own pace. There should be flexible plans that accommodate all types of bandwidth requirements. Backed up by a strong customer support team, this scalability makes it possible to adjust your budget based on the usage during a given period of time. This lets you start with a small budget when there are only a few users without having to compromise on the internet speed or security features. 

The Need for a Strong Wi-Fi Network

Working on an efficient Wi-Fi system for your coworking space should be your primary concern. Even if there are multiple points for creating wired connections between your office network and the user’s device, most users would prefer wireless connections. Also, wireless networks offer the flexibility of allowing more users to connect to the network without having to add more cables and other hardware components. 

The presence of a strong Wi-Fi network also makes it possible to handle the smart infrastructure within the coworking office like the wireless biometric entry tracking devices as well as the surveillance systems. 

Configuring a wireless system becomes much easier, especially when you have to handle the job remotely. You would be able to access the router configuration page to instantly alter the bandwidth allocation or even monitor any network hogging by particular users. If there are priority users you would like to focus on, or the rental plan-based features you would like to control, you can take care of all these with a flexible wireless network in the coworking space. Creating separate Wi-Fi networks and even the segregation of wireless channels makes it possible to prioritise and allocate bandwidth as preferred. 

Fiber Optic Internet Connection – The Solution to All Your Problems

There are various types of high-speed broadband technologies available for commercial establishments and enterprises today. Among them all, the fiber internet has steadily grown to be the most popular pick for coworking spaces. You get to enjoy the practicality that symmetric upload and download speeds offer for better video conference experience. There is also the ability to flexibly alter the bandwidth without having to change the hardware every time. Dedicated lines for coworking spaces make it possible to obtain interference-free connectivity that puts the productivity and security of every professional working within the premise as the first priority. 

A Final Word 

If you are running a coworking space, no matter how big or small the campus is, you need to make sure that you choose all the essential ingredients for a perfectly optimised environment. Working professionals prefer working from a coworking space to working from the comforts of their home for many reasons. A stable internet connection could be one of these reasons. Compare the broadband plans offered by the various internet service providers in your locality and choose the most economical option. This would give you a strong internet setup that would help in strengthening the reputation of your coworking space. 

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