Recognize the Most Effective Medicines for Itching Skin

When someone experiences itching, there will definitely be a feeling of discomfort which can interfere with daily activities and can even cause a person to experience difficulty sleeping due to the excruciating itching. 

he cause of itching on the skin can actually be caused by several things, both minor and serious disorders. 

Itching that is still classified as mild can be caused by dry skin, irritation, psoriasis, eczema / dermatitis, sun exposure, allergic reactions, infections, or due to mosquito or insect bites. 

The itching sensation that occurs on the skin will only be temporary and not too severe.

The cause of itching or pruritus can also occur due to serious diseases, such as impaired liver function which can cause an increase in blood bilirubin levels which spreads to the skin so that the skin turns yellow and causes itching. 

Other causes of itching of the skin due to chronic diseases include diabetes, anemia, thyroid disorders, leukemia, or lymphoma.

The causes of skin disease are divided into two types, namely local and systemic. 

Local causes only cause itching of the skin around the bite site, while systemic causes can cause itching of the skin all over the body.

To help overcome and relieve the itching experienced, it takes a powerful skin itch medication. 

There are drugs for itching on the skin that are sold freely in the market, including drugs available in pharmacies and HDmall, as well as natural skin itching drugs that contain herbal ingredients. 

Medicines for itching will work effectively if they are adjusted to the cause of the itching itself. 

After the cause of itching is identified, the use of appropriate itchy skin medications can help treat pruritus (itching of the skin). Consider taking best natural antihistamine for some relief.

Types of skin itching medications available in pharmacies

1. Corticosteroid Cream

The use of this itchy skin medication is one way to deal with itching on the skin. The way to use a corticosteroid cream is to apply a corticosteroid cream to the skin.

This corticosteroid cream, which is used as an itchy skin medication, functions as an anti-inflammatory and allergy medicine so that it can relieve itching, especially if the itchy part is reddish. 

One of these powerful itching drugs can have a cool effect on the skin so that it can reduce itching.

Apply a corticosteroid cream on the irritated skin 3-4 times a day and the use of this itching medicine should still follow the doctor’s instructions. 

Because in some cases itching on certain skin should not use this drug, such as itchy skin due to fungus and tinea versicolor which can make itching worse.

2. Corticosteroid Pills

Skin itching medication in the form of corticosteroid pills can be used orally. 

This drug has the same working principle as corticosteroid cream, namely as an anti-inflammatory and an allergy.

But the difference in use between oral corticosteroids and creams depends on the extent of itching on the irritated skin. If itchy skin almost all over the body due to food allergies, then oral corticosteroids can be an option. 

Long-term use of corticosteroids is strongly discouraged, especially without a doctor’s supervision.

3. Antihistamines

Antihistamine itching drugs are oral medications that function to reduce the production of histamine in the skin which can reduce itching in the body. 

One example of an itching medication on the skin that contains antihistamines and is popular in the community is CTM.

Antihistamines are effective skin itching drugs and are classified as effective in relieving itching. 

However, this drug should only be taken as needed with a frequency of 3-4 times a day each 4 mg.

Some antihistamines can cause drowsiness, so it is recommended to take them at night. But some people use it as a sleeping pill. Apart from CTM, other antihistamine drugs that can reduce itching with minimal side effects of drowsiness are loratadine, desloratadine and cetirizine. 

The combination of oral antihistamines and corticosteroids is a powerful combination to relieve itching on the skin.

Aloe vera in the form of gel can be applied directly to skin that is experiencing irritation or itching caused by dry skin. 

The very high water content in aloe vera is a factor that can help maintain skin moisture and elasticity.


In addition, aloe vera (aloe vera) which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties can help stimulate cell growth so that irritated skin can heal faster, reducing redness, inflammation, and pain associated with skin irritation.

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