Reasons why Pompano Beach is high on the list of best places to retire

Reasons why Pompano Beach is high on the list of best places to retire

Many people dream of retirement. That one day when they will finally be able to devote every second of their time to the things they love. What’s more, some may also yearn for some kind of change as well. That’s why it’s not so strange to hear that many decide to move to some new place and change their living style right after the retirement day. Generally spoken, if you are a United States citizen, the most popular places to live in after retirement are Florida, Arizona, and Texas. However, as always, there is one special city which is more popular than the others. Say ‘hello’ to Pompano Beach, and let us show you the reasons why Pompano Beach is high on the list of best places to retire.

About the city

Situated on the east side of Florida, in a beautiful Broward County, there is one nice city called Pompano Beach. Although it is a large community with over 100,000 residents, this city can still offer some charms that only small towns have. With its fantastic beaches stretching into the Atlantic Ocean, this is really a place that has many amenities for seniors. So, if you have already read about all those beautiful places in Florida, now it’s time to meet one more which will definitely steal your heart.

For all those who love beaches

Pompano Beach ranks among the 20 most desirable places in America based on the opinions of the retirees. This is expected when you find out how calm and quiet life this city lives. People in Pompano Beach have a chance to enjoy real natural beauties. Its long line of charming sandy beaches together with the generally mild climate make it a perfect place to have some rest. Winters in Pompano Beach are warm and agreeable, with the most pleasant months being December and February. And if you are still looking for some more reasons to hire and come to live in Pompano Beach, you should also know that it is pretty close to several most vibrant American cities.

Real estate market- one of the reasons why Pompano Beach is high on the list of best places to retire

You would be happy to hear that the average home value in this city is approximately $178,000, which is a bit below the national average. This makes buying a home in Pompano Beach a pretty affordable investment. Having a house near the beach is not unusual here. That’s why many people, especially retirees, hire local movers and find their home in this city of Florida. So, if you can see yourself drinking a morning coffee feeling the pleasant sea breeze, don’t waste your time. Organize your relocation, find some Pompano Beach movers to assist you with everything, and start living your dream.

What’s more, it always good to know that the home prices in this city will hardly lose their value in the future. It will always be a pretty popular destination to come to. So, if one day you decide to move away and sell your home, you can be sure you will definitely not be at loss.

Meeting new people

Pompano Beach is said to be one of the most diverse communities in America. This relates to everything- ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity. And although there is a relatively balanced score of people of all ages, it is still the most popular destination for seniors from all over the world. Many of them enlist moving to Pompano Beach as their top priority when making their retirement plans. That’s why retirees in Pompano Beach will never feel alone. The possibilities of meeting new and interesting people are wide. The city organizes various events like films and concerts during the year.  People hang out together, make connections, and build friendships. And at the top of everything else, neighborhoods in Pompano Beach are friendly and tend to be pretty safe.


One thing is for sure, you will never be bored in the city of Pompano Beach. Plenty of outdoor activities that are available in public resources will definitely have something for everyone. Beaches, parks, and athletic fields give enough space for all those retirees who would like to stay active. Take a relaxing walk, practice yoga, or do some daily exercises, and keep your body and soul healthy. Or, if you are more like living a bit slower life pace, visit the local library, go to some of the interesting stores, or have a pleasant evening meal in one of the city’s restaurants. A good thing to know is that in Pompano Beach everything you may need is within 30 minutes range.

Some additional senior amenities:

  • Broward County Transit– offers transportation and even some extra services for all those seniors who need additional assistance
  • Meals on Wheels South Florida– are ready to prepare and deliver delicious meals to seniors on a daily basis
  • Different support groups are there for all those who are deading with some difficulties like Alzheimer’s disease or depression
  • Good medical facilities are available in North Broward Medical Center, or in the nearby Ft. Lauderdale’s hospitals

Every human being likes freedom. Thus, when you are finally done with all those job duties and responsibilities, and when you reach retirement, it is natural that you want to enjoy your life to its full. And if you are not sure where to go, Pompano Beach in Florida is one of the best-ranked places to retire. At least that is what most of the seniors say. So, why don’t you give it a chance? Move to Pompano Beach and meet its charms:

  • sandy beaches and mild climate
  • affordable houses and friendly neighborhoods
  • various opportunities for meeting different people from all around the world
  • outdoor and indoor activities
  • additional senior amenities available for everyone