Reasons: Why Hair Replacement System Is Good To Wear

The hair replacement system is considered to be one of the best remedies for baldness. This system is painless and non-surgical, which gives a natural hair look. Baldness is majorly caused due to male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. Therefore, hair replacement for men and women suffering from MPB and FPB is the best solution. This system is best for anyone, young, old, healthy, weak, etc., suffering from balding.

Traditional wigs and hair replacement systems are different. Hair systems are typically made up of human hair or synthetic hair. They are woven onto a synthetic, thin, and skin-like material called a monofilament. A monofilament acts as a second skin. Using human-friendly adhesive or glue, the hair system is attached to the head. The hair system is customizable, and you can select the hair system that best fits you.

Types of Hair Replacement Systems

Below are some typical and basic types of hair replacement system:

1. Full Lace Base

The full lace base hair system has a more extended life period. It is the most durable hair system type, which is undetectable and occupies the middle ground of the head.

2. Full Skin Base

The full skin base hair system is extremely thin and undetectable. It acts as the second skin, which is entirely undetectable and provides a natural look. But, it is not as durable as the full lace base.

3. Lace Base with Polyurethane Edge

The lace base with polyurethane edge or PU edge is the best hair system with a longer life and higher durability. So, if durability and life period are significant concerns, this hair system is the best option.

4. Skin With Lace Front

This hair system type combines full lace base and full skin base types. The skin with from lace type provides a base of skin at the front as well.

Benefits Of Hair Replacement Systems

Many people believe that hair systems are not suitable to wear. But, if you take advice from medical professionals and consult a hairstylist, a hair replacement system will bring a life-changing experience.

  1. Opting for a hair replacement system is entirely non-surgical. Therefore, people do not have to worry about pain and headaches.
  2. Using hair systems will offer an immediate result. Other remedies, like medications and surgical hair replacement methods, require at least six months to show results.
  3. One of the most desirable advantages of hair systems is they are reversible. If you do not like your hair system, you can go back to your normal look.
  4. Hair systems are skin-friendly and have pores on them, unlike wigs. The base of hair systems can breathe and is permeable.
  5. They give a natural look like your own hair and are undetectable.


Hair replacement for men and women suffering from balding is a better solution than a hair transplant. In the hair transplant method, there is no guarantee for further hair loss or hair thinning problems. Ultimately, the final decision is yours. You require a medical professional to help you select the best hair system and a hairstylist to fix it.

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