6 Reasons To Embed Facebook Widget On Website

Facebook has grown immensely from being a friendly gaming app to messaging and now it serves immeasurable purposes for both organizations and users, such as interaction, communication, knowledge exchange, visual content sharing, marketing, shopping and more. We all know how addictive the platform is. Imagine incorporating social media spices to a brand website. Sounds fascinating, right?

This comprehensive blog will guide you through the various aspects of embedding Facebook Widget.

Before diving into the benefits of extending the Facebook content to the web platform, let us know what are free Facebook widgets.

What is Facebook Widget ?

It is possible to refer to a Facebook feed widget as the feed created by collecting Facebook content. It includes all types of social media content, such as images, videos, or text. The stream looks like a gallery of Facebook photo albums, updated in real-time, and provides viewers with the new user content. Therefore, it is an excellent marketing strategy to use Facebook gallery for promotions that will take your brand to the next level.

In addition to promoting your brand on Facebook, embedding Facebook widget would connect it to your website to make your marketing campaign more powerful  and successful. Embedding your Facebook content on the website helps you to bridge the gap between the massive social community and your brand, that leads to conversions. It adds a social side to your website that boosts opportunities for interaction and attraction.

Now that you have a deep insight about free Facebook widget, let us go through the profitable benefits of embedding Facebook widget on your website.

Benefits of embedding Facebook Widget on your website

Enhance website visuals

It is hard to keep a track of your website as well as social feed and regularly updating their content. Through Facebook widget, you can collect and display relevant content on your website which includes creative photos and videos relevant to your area of interest. 

Comparatively, visual content on Facebook has been proved to gain 37% more interaction. Eye-catching, insightful, delightful and time-saving graphics make the website look more engaging and interactive. In short, embedding Facebook widget on the website lets you boost the appearance of your website and improves the website’s user experience. 

Helps in Growth and conversion

The inclusion of Facebook content on your brand website is the smartest choice in the direction of growing your online business, whether you have an informational site or an e-commerce site. Embedding Facebook photo album widget on your website showcases the UGC, which allows you to get the point of inspiration closer to the point of sale. It helps your client in making the final buying decision in your favor. Showcasing UGC gives them the helping hand to make the buying decision, giving them the final push. It drives the conversion rates in a positive direction, resulting in an increase in revenues. 

Boosts user engagement

So, now that we know that social media is addictive and what users enjoy is user generated content , one thing is for sure that embedding social media feeds on your website will certainly engage visitors to your website. Displaying UGC gives them a source of inspiration that encourages them to engage and interact more on your website and thus, increases their interest in your website. This allows you to draw more traffic to your website and visit it over and over again. The inclusion of graphics on your website by embedding Facebook feed widgets enhances your site’s appeal. It has been proved that visuals improve the user interaction factor more than the regular textual displays. And Facebook content is the icing on the cake.

Showcase Social Proof

User generated content is a strong evidence about your happy and satisfied customers. Displaying UGC via social media feeds helps you provide social  proof for your brand. This generates a trust among your users, making them  more confident about your brand. Not only this. The inclusion of Facebook gallery feeds allows you to extend your social presence and impact among and beyond your existing user base. Adding a free Facebook widget to your website maximizes your consumer touchpoints and drives traffic to your Facebook account, thereby increasing your social reach and impact. This in turn, allows you to create more social trust among the users.

Increase dwell time

When the visitors to your website connect more with the content, they prefer to explore that for a longer time duration. It allures them to come back frequently. This in turn increases the dwelling time of your website visitors. Dwell time is the amount of time that a visitor spends on your website doing substantial website interaction activities. Today, users really have no patience or a minimal amount of patience. If they do not find appropriate or engaging content on the website to connect with, they prefer to switch to another website. Embedding Facebook widgets provide enticing content which the audience can relate to. Thereby increasing their dwell time. 

Builds Trust and authenticity

Not only does having good content to explore helps the audience stay longer on the website, but it also helps them better  understand and connect to your brand. More client feedback and social posts instill a sense of faith in them towards your business. The more you provide your readers and visitors with experience, facts and support, the more it makes you proportionately trustworthy. Trust is one of the key elements for a client to determine which brand to use and which need not to. Social proof gives authenticity to your business making it a go-to and an obvious choice for the users.

Final Words

Facebook widgets are an excellent way to display feeds on the official website and digital screens. It is a convenient, economical and easy peasy method to incorporate Facebook content that helps bridge the gap between businesses and audiences, expand the consumer reach of the brand and thus boost sales.

Embedding doesn’t require rocket science. It is the simplest coding-free technique used by social media aggregator which requires no expertise. We have already discussed the profitable benefits of incorporating Facebook widget that adds value to your business and takes it to the next level. 

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