The first step to instantly making money online is to understand that you can’t instantly make money online – at least not through legit ways. Nonetheless, you can definitely make money online. It is not just about blood and sweat, but it is also about dedication, patience, and skills. You either invest time, money, resources or skills before you can expect anything in return.

It is certainly not a piece of cake, but we will discuss some of the most effective ways to earn money online if you are planning to sell products or services to the world. We will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about earning money online. Let’s dive right into it.

Five Hacks to Make Money Online:

1.    Educate yourself first: read books and take courses

2.    Choose a sector and specialize to the fullest

3.    Take notes of strategies, resources and ideas

4.    Find a job online to learn faster

5.    Invest the money you earn in some digital business


Is it easy to earn money online?

It is not easy: there is a cut-throat competition on the internet. It is necessary to learn a lot of things. To succeed in any area, one must be self-disciplined, able to concentrate for long hours and willing to make sacrifices. The easiest way to earn money is the traditional way: getting a low-status, boring and repetitive job.

Is it possible to live on passive income?

Yes, it is possible, but it is not available to everyone. People are living on their affiliate commissions, Google Adsense, the dividends paid by the shares they have bought, or the rent of their properties. However, it should be noted the few who achieved this worked hard for years to achieve that lifestyle. So, if you do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest or an audience already created, your focus should not be living on passive income.

How to make money fast online?

That will depend on the capital you have to invest in creating a business, hiring employees or freelancers and investing in advertising as well as your level of competition. Moreover, having some digital aptitude will help you start your own business or work as a consultant and freelancer.

What products can I sell from home?

There are tons of products to sells. You may go with personalized clothing, t-shirts and mugs, products from China, Poland and Turkey, handicrafts, online courses on a topic you master, Amazon products with its affiliate program, and software from multiple companies that pay a commission for each sale.


You will be able to earn money online if you can solve the problem of a person or company. There are three main routes that you can choose: selling products, services and consultancies in an area you master or working remotely either with a contract or through freelancing.

Selling a Product

The sale of products can be physical or digital. For physical products, you have the option of stocking a product or sending directly from the supplier to the client (dropshipping). For digital sales, we are talking about software, courses, ebooks and also products that you either sell for a commission or as your property.

Selling Services

The services and consulting do not usually require investment to start as the previous point. Still, these depend on your expertise in some subject. Do you master any marketing? Do you have experience creating companies or leading teams? Can you increase the turnover of business with your knowledge of neuroeconomics or reduce expenses with optimization and growth hacking strategies?

Remote Contracting and Freelancing

If at the moment you are tight on money to invest in a business and you still do not have the aptitude and competence to help other companies, then the remaining option is to carry out some type of remote work, such as customer service, management of eCommerce, content writing, text translation, graphic design, or gigs (micro-services).

These are the three main areas, and they are ordered by difficulty as well as growth potential, i.e., number 1 (sales) is the most difficult/complex. Still, in the long term, it is the method (that if everything goes well) can generate more money. The last one is the easiest to start with, but its growth potential is the smallest. Other cases do not fit into the three main categories, such as matched betting, Youtube or conducting surveys.


There are many platforms to start selling your products online. Nowadays, it is very easy to create an online store and start selling our products immediately.


It is an online marketplace that connects sellers with buyers. Ideal for selling artisan products that are made by hand. Selling on Etsy is very simple. We must create a store and products, register on the page by creating a free account, research the competitive market and start offering our items to the public. This platform also allows sellers to advertise their products for a modest $ 0.20 per unit.

Online Store

Creating an online store opens up the possibility of managing an online sales service platform. With this method, we will sell our products personally without the need for intermediaries, and we will be able to organize all the sales we make at no cost.

Amazon FBA

This platform is one of the most powerful online sales sites in the world. Selling on Amazon is like owning our online retail store. We must bear in mind that our site will belong to Amazon, but it will allow us to store our products in its warehouses. Prime customers get free 2-day shipping, which has been shown to increase sales significantly.

Custom Products

Buying generic items such as mugs and T-shirts can be an option to sell online. We will always have our available stock on hand, and the profits will be for us. We will not have to worry about paying sales commissions as it happens with external platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

A commission will always be an incentive to sell online. Affiliate marketing is about promoting products from other companies, and each time we make a sale, we will receive a proportion of the profit.

Announcing external products through our website gives us the possibility to monetize without leaving our chair. We will only have to wait for the items to sell, and we will receive a guaranteed commission.


If you have something valuable to teach, charge for it. Online courses are a good way to earn money online. They are a source of income considered one of the most effective above other ways to earn money online.

It may seem that creating a course can be somewhat complicated, but its benefits are enormous if it is marketed. The incredible thing about creating a course is that we can continue to market it as long as we want. The idea is to find places to promote ourselves and investing a few hours a month to continue generating profits.


Once it was the number 1 sales platform in the world. However, it is still possible to get great benefits by selling products through eBay. As with any external method, the products we sell will be conditioned by sales commissions that make us lose the profit margin. eBay is great for selling electronics, accessories, and clothing.

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