Common Mistakes When Buying An Immobilien Ulm

In Real estate when buying any product or Immobilien Ulm service, I want to make the best choice at the best price. Everyone has buying experience, and each has its own tricks: through the Internet, searching for reviews of acquaintances, and so on. When it comes to real estate, many projects existing experience on this product. Only the real estate market has its own specifics, and what works when choosing a refrigerator becomes a mistake when looking for an apartment.

There are typical mistakes that buyers make when buying new buildings or Immobilien Ulm without the help of a professional realtor.

A Neighbor Bought – And I Will Buy

Buying an apartment in a new building is stressful. Many, trying to evade responsibility and go along the simplest path – the advertised just because of laziness or being tired of the choice. Everyone speaks about the company, everywhere advertising is a good option. Or a neighbour bought – that means I can take it.

Crowds of buyers are crowded into the sales departments of developers who conduct an aggressive advertising policy. A queue was lined up in the developer’s office. Only these buyers in three years did not become owners, but deceived equity holders. And now they are waiting for unfinished poor quality. Real estate is the most expensive acquisition. Such investments are worth understanding well in the purchased project, and not blindly trusting an advertisement or a neighbor.

Lower Price Means Profitable:

Immobilien Ulm

The low cost per square meter is obtained not because the construction company is operating on the verge of profitability or wants to help all those in need to solve the housing problem. The developer will always make a profit. The companies have many ways: deterioration in the quality of construction and materials used, the involvement of low-skilled personnel for complex technological processes, additional payments under the guise of booking fees, contract registration, higher payments to the management company.

In my practice, I often hear stories from clients who got into the register of defrauded equity holders, they all start the same way: “We checked all the documents, saw that the price is lower. So it’s profitable – and we went to buy. ” 

Profitable Investment In An Illiquid Object:

There is a category of amateur investors acquiring new buildings at the excavation stage. Such transactions are made under the influence of two factors: “I liked it – I did not like it.” The basis of any investment in real estate is not an emotional feeling of success in a future sale. But practically mathematical calculations and profitability formulas based on dozens of factors.

What factors can be? The distance to the metro, transport accessibility, competitors, the availability of educational institutions, clinics, terms and conditions of the transaction, the legal cleanliness of documents, the technical condition of the house and entrance, social conditions. I came across investors who could not sell their “successful” purchase for months. From the brightest examples of my practice: in the sales department of the builder. The client was promised that having bought an apartment right now in the village of Buggy, in eight months it can be sold for 800 thousand rubles more. With the cost of the apartment itself at 2.5 million rubles for such a short period.

Area Of ​​My Childhood:

Immobilien Ulm

When choosing a region for buying a future apartment of their dreams, most customers choose the one in which they currently live. Unfortunately, this principle in choosing housing often drives into a very tight framework. There are people who want to live only at the intersection of specific streets and are ready to wait for years when a suitable apartment appears there. Even worse, when, due to the lack of alternatives, they buy a house with problems in their “favorite” microdistrict.

The habits and intimacy of relatives are, of course, important criteria. Just do not forget in the pursuit of a place about the construction technology, the availability of internal infrastructure, well-thought-out planning decisions, the implementation of the territory. Always compare your “only” option for price and quality with offers a little further.

Need More Square Meters:

When buying an apartment in Immobilien Ulm, many people buy meters, a unit of measure in the right place. The houses are in the same area, and the apartment is larger – you need to take it. Even when it comes to houses of the same class, the meters can be very different. Most of the planning solutions that are found on the market for new buildings were invented 40-50 years ago. A two-room 60-meter apartment from a two-room 70-meter apartment will differ only in a proportional increase in the area of ​​existing premises. A very common mistake – the buyer prefers an apartment of a larger area.

Pay attention to the Immobilienmakler of the space of the apartment. The areas of the rooms are rationally distributed in accordance with their purpose. I had a client who wanted to buy a 100-meter apartment. I had to refuse this purchase: the corridor area in it was 27 meters. If we consider that the average cost per square meter in a new building is 100 thousand rubles. Then when purchasing this apartment the client would overpay more than 1.5 million rubles for “useless” square meters. And then he would also give a round sum for non-standard furniture or redevelopment. For more real estate Information Visit here.


Buying an apartment in an Immobilien Ulm is a complex process that requires a time to get an idea. Comparing it with similar projects from competitors, checking the developer himself. They Determining the degree of reliability of financing for a particular object. Each step requires experience, and a mistake at any stage can lead to the loss of a large amount. An experienced realtor will save a lot of time and effort for the client. He will help to acquire a dream apartment reliably, quickly and simply.

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