RateGain® Announces Partnership With Thermeon & Bluebird to maximize the revenue for the Car Rental Industry

Revenue Management is a renowned concept in the hotel and car rental industries. It is used to optimise an organization’s developments by maximizing revenue. By definition, it means selling the right product or solution at the right price at the right time through the right channel. 

The leading SaaS company for travel and hospitality, RateGain recently announced a global partnership with Thermeon and Bluebird, industry experts in car rental management system and softwares. The partnership is an excellent combination of RateGain’s expertise in rate shopping and revenue management solutions for the car rental industry with Thermeon’s and Bluebird’s technological prowess of car rental software. This amalgamation can be a profound way to help customers identify new revenue generation probabilities.

Benchmarking performance against target competition, identified and updated rates based on insights derived from historical and contemporary market conditions is critical to success. To add to this, a faster turnaround to optimize revenue strategy in order to reflect evolving user and market expectations is also a non-negotiable factor to consider.  The close ties between RateGain-Thermeon-Bluebird should be able to provide a solution suite consisting end-to-end seamless automated pricing management, CRS, rental software, and revenue management solutions to help revenue and pricing teams precisely track and react to changing market scenario faster while including actionable data-based insights.

While highlighting views on the partnership, Paolo Pannunzio, VP Operations & Portfolio Manager, Thermeon and Bluebird mentioned that the organization is excited to partner with RateGain, the world leader in providing price intelligence customized to address the car rental industry’s unique requirements. He further stated that the joint proposition would help the industry improve time to market-powered by accurate information and automated rate updates of RateGain’s best-in-class solutions for car rentals and their 3-decade long experience in providing car rental management software and solutions.

While sharing views on the partnership, the leading hospitality SaaS software solutions company, RateGain stated that partnering with Thermeon to deliver transformation for their customers will allow them to provide the most extensive solution suite, amalgamating cognitive price intelligence, CRS and revenue management, in a single product offering. Furthermore, Anup Dhiraj, Product Head for CarGain, a vertical of RateGain, mentioned that the suite is aimed at helping the car rental industry take advantage of faster, data-backed insights to enable precision around revenue maximization. The dedicated solution portfolio should be able to work on the pricing challenges unique to the car rental industry, based on extensive understanding.

CarGain is one of the leading product offerings by RateGain a best travel technology company, which provides software solutions to the car rental industry. The company is trusted by several top car rentals worldwide. The most commendable aspect is CarGain’s ability to offer market-leading insights to over 35,000 locations and 700+ sites while processing over 4 billion price points annually.

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