What is QuickBooks Template Pay Stub Paystub Generator

As part of all its set of features, the QuickBooks finance application can add payroll. It helps you control your company’s payroll from the GUI of the software and handle it. Printing a pay stub, including the paycheck of an employee, helps him control his salary-related details, such as required work hours. It also operates as a visual record of the name and date of a paycheck. To create pay stubs with both the details you want your employees to get, you should use Quickbook’s Payroll Printing Preferences.

On our 2021 option for the best online payroll service for small businesses, we suggest QuickBooks Payroll after performing comprehensive research and analysis. According to its versatility and variety, QuickBooks Payroll is perfect for small companies. The app is available at a range of rates in various service plans, so organizations of any size and budget can choose a package to satisfy their agenda.

Another quality that differentiates QuickBooks Payroll as a reliable option for smaller companies is its integration with QuickBooks’ accounting program, which is also used by many small companies.

How to make a Paystub in QuickBooks?

  • Open QuickBooks, and on the main menu bar, press ‘Edit.’
  • To open the Settings panel, choose “Preferences” from its dropdown menu.
  • In the column on the left side of a browser, select ‘Payroll and Employees’.
  • Select the Company Preferences section in the QuickBooks Payroll Features section, select the Full Payroll box to check.
  • From the option ‘Set Preferences For’ tab, press the ‘Paid Stub & Voucher Printing’ tab. The Payroll Printing Preferences option pop up.
  • And in the “On Paycheck Vouchers and Pay Stubs, Print” tab, click the dropdown box next to items you want to put on the pay stub. For example, if you want the company name to show on the pay stub, select the “Legal Company Name” check box.
  • After selecting all of your products, press the ‘OK’ button, and click ‘OK’ in the Preferences window. Will print each paycheck instantly with a pay stub with the selected details.

Items designed for QuickBooks Print on Stubs:

  • The bill pay date,
  • Name of the payee,
  • The total amount you would like to pay, and
  • Information Memo.

If the information above does not persuade you to use the prototype, you may try to customize it. You will need to follow the steps given below to change the stub template or use it as per your guidelines:

How to add more to them: QuickBooks Bill Payment Stub Template

Print the Account Name:

  • Sign in to your account in QuickBooks and press the Edit button.
  • Click on the dropdown menu
  • Then, click on the preference tab
  • And tap the check option
  • A window will open, click the Company Preferences option, click the ‘Print Account Names’ option, and click OK.
  • It will assist you in adding online accounts to your bill stubs.

Customize Employees’ Pay Stub:

  • Once again, tap on the Edit list and click Payroll staff from the Preferences tab.
  • Search the dialog box where the printing tab says voucher.
  • This tab is being reached from the Company Preferences menu.
  • You can update the data you need from the window which will open.
  • After checking and unchecking the appropriate boxes, you can do this.
  • When all done, click OK and close the window.

What you are unable to customize:

While you can use and customize your template with a lot of details, there are some things you can’t alter. It is because of all the professional principles you would have to comply with. Which are including:

  • Can’t replace Your Social Security Code for Workers. But you do have the ability to uncheck the last and four digits in QuickBooks 2007.
  • The working hours and the daily fixed amount.
  • Employee-paid taxes.
  • Any salary deductions.
  • Any allowances or restrictions that you qualify for.
  • The name, together with the company’s address.

Conclusion: QuickBooks service allows you to organise all your company finances in one place. Below you get how to make a Paystub in Quickbooks and how to customize paystub. The templates vary in properties and functions, but they all are prepared to use for any professional use. Remember the file’s design, format, and what data you want to include it and download the template also for the free pay stub that works best.

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