QuickBooks Error H505 : How To use it

At the point when you attempt to get to an organization document that is absent in your PC framework, just you will be confronted with QuickBooks Error Code H505. This may likewise show up when the QuickBooks organization record you need to get to requires some extra arrangement. A message will incite on the PC screen saying “Need some assistance interfacing another PC and QuickBooks organization document.” To manage such difficulty, you ought to go with QuickBooks Pos support as it is certified and dependable. The most straightforward and least difficult conceivable arrangement will be conveyed to your entryway. In this way, presently quit burning through your time. Promptly contact the epicurean and take care of the issue from the root inside one moment.

4 Best Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error H505

Just, feast your eyes on the famous points because here we are providing 4 best possible solutions and after that the error H505 will surely disappear. Continue the steps one by one and eliminate your problem:

Solution 1: Confirm Hosting Settings

QuickBooks error h505 is associated with hosting settings and comes with a message “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and wants to close. Sorry for any trouble.” Therefore, you should be fully convinced that only one computer should be enabled by following the hosting option. Steps given below:

Launch QuickBooks by double-clicking its icon and navigate to File> Utilities

You will be able to see the “Host Multi-User Access” option in the upcoming list which means that this computer company is not hosting the file and is safe to transfer to the next computer. If you see this option, do not change anything.

Repeat this process for all computers except the actual host

Solution 2: Ensure proper services are running

Some services are running on server computers all the time, so make sure they are. Follow these points:

But, if you are using Windows 10, you have to launch the key simultaneously by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Navigate to the Services tab in Task Manager and click on “Open Services” under its window, next to the gear icon

Finally, after opening the services, you will need to follow the instructions given below:

To arrange services alphabetically, click on the Name column and indicate “QuickbooksDBXX”

When you find the same, right-click on it and then tap “Properties”

Solution 3: Make sure QuickBooks files are not blocked by Windows Firewall

A firewall can reasonably prevent QuickBooks from accessing the Internet, which is a major concern. Various firewalls can be installed on your computer, but it is not suggested to enable more than one. Let’s look at how to ensure that QuickBooks files are not blocked by the Windows Firewall:

Go to the Start menu, go to “Control Panel” and then click on System and Security> Windows Firewall

Select the “Advanced Settings” option and highlight the inbound rules in the left section of the screen

Right click on inbound rules and then tap on New Rule. 

Solution 4: Edit the Host File on Windows

Sometimes Windows hosts need to add their web server to edit the file and add it to the whitelist. This is somehow an advanced process and make sure that you are following the instructions properly.

Press “Windows key + R key” simultaneously to open “run” dialog box

Type “cmd” into the search box and press Enter to open the command prompt window

Type “ipconfig / all” in the command prompt and then press enter to run this command

Note the host name and IP address. Repeat the same process for all users and computers connecting in a multi-user environment

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